RM (ReverseMark) pumping unit

RM pumping unit is designed on the basis of conventional beam pumping unit, which can change the time of up and down stroke of the pumping unit and is suitable for heavy oil recovery.

  • Sanjack has passed ISO9001, API Q1, API11E, SO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificate.
  • Sanjack adopt the principle of combining API Standard, National Standard and User’s view to design.
  • Using AutoCAD, Solid Works computer software to design drawings, using virtual prototype technology to simulate and verify strength.

RM (Reverse Mark) pumping unit is based on the conventional beam pumping unit, which optimizes the four-rod structure and designs the out-of-phase angles on the crank.

The operation of conventional beam pumping unit is limited by its own structure, which has low stability, low efficiency and high energy consumption.

RM pumping units with crank out-of-phase angles take different time to run up and down strokes.

The longer upstroke time and the lower average speed of the horsehead can increase the downpump’s filling coefficient and extract more oil for the same unit of energy consumption.

It’s more efficient and uses less energy.

reverse mark pumping unit structure diagram

The RM pumping unit has changed the connection mode between the beam and the beam, and the tail of the beam is at an Angle of 20°.

According to calculation, this structure can make the four-bar mechanism of the pumping unit operate more stably, reduce the impact force of load on the connecting bolts, and ensure the service life under the maximum impact load.

reverse mark pump jack

rm pumping unit

Basic ParametersRated Polish Rod Capacity (lbs)42,70042,70036,50036,50036,50036,50030,500
Stroke Length (in)192/168/144/168/144/120168/144/120168/144/120144/120/100120/100/86144/123/101
Max. Stroke Frequency (r/min)88810101010
Balanced TypeCrank Balanced
Crank DirectionClockwise
Rated Torque(in.lbs)912,000912,000912,000640,000640,000456,000456,000
Gear TypeDouble circular arc gear reducer or Involute gear reducer
Reducing Ratio28.7928.7928.7928.36328.36328.25528.255
Center Range (in)48.4348.4348.4341.3441.3439.3739.37
Center Height (in)30.9130.9130.9125.9825.9825.5925.59
Oil Storage quantity
(U.S. Gal)
Lubricant20# Gear lubricant in winter,200# Gear lubricant in summer
Sheave Diameter(in)50″50″50″ 50″ 50″ 44″ 44″
Sheave groove type7C7C7C6C6C5C5C
Balance AssemblyWeight of Cranks (Lbs)6489×26489×26404×26489×26404×25651×25651×2
Wrist Pin bore
Positions (in)
Wire LineTypeΦ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6×37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)Φ32(6*37+IWR-1770 MPa)
Length (in)508460460460410350410
Structure Unbalance (lbs)-2700-940-900-900230590-500
Overall Dimensions
L*W*H (in)

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  • API 11E 20 years
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RM Pumping Unit
  • Energy Saving
  • Increase Pump Efficiency
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  • Simple Structure
  • Good Balance Effect
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