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Advantages and disadvantages of non-beam pumping unit

Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of non-beam pumping unit

In order to solve the inherent defects of beam pumping units, such as not easy to realize the operation mode of long stroke and low stroke, high energy consumption and inconvenient adjustment of stroke and stroke times, various pumping unit manufacturers are developing various types of non-beam pumping units.

Compared with beam pumping units, what are the advantages and disadvantages of non-beam pumping units?

The following article will do a detailed analysis.

1.Analysis of advantages of non-beam pumping unit

Non-beam pumping units can be divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type according to the driving mode, and can be divided into belt type, chain type and wire rope type according to the connection mode. According to the type of power source, it can be divided into ordinary motor type and special motor type.

No matter which form of non-beam pumping unit, all have the following advantages.

1. Easy to realize the operation mode of long stroke.

The stroke length of beam pumping unit is generally within 5m.

Increasing the stroke length will make the pumping unit volume become huge, which is inconvenient for manufacturing and transportation and increases the manufacturing cost.

The non-beam pumping unit has a tower structure, and long stroke operation can be realized by increasing the height of the tower body.

The stroke length of the non-beam pumping unit is generally over 6m, which is especially suitable for crude oil exploitation in deep and heavy oil Wells.

2. Easy to achieve low-stroke operation mode

In the oil recovery of heavy oil wells and low production Wells, the low stroke operation of the pumping unit is conducive to improving the filling coefficient of the downhole pump, reducing energy consumption and equipment wear.

However, limited by the rated speed of the motor and the size of the pulley, the minimum stroke of the beam pumping unit is not less than 4 times/min, which cannot meet the requirements.

The non-beam pumping unit adopts the low speed special motor or motor + frequency conversion. By adjusting the current frequency, the pumping unit stroke can be easily reduced to less than 2 strokes per minute.
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3. Obvious energy saving effect.

Non-beam pumping unit without gearbox, crank, pitman, walking beam, cross beam and many other components, can reduce the power transmission process, the machine mechanical efficiency is higher.

In addition, the beam less pumping unit is balanced symmetrically, and the balance weight matches the load change very well, which reduces the useless work and energy waste. Compared with beam pumping units, the average energy saving of non-beam pumping units is more than 20%.

4. Low noise

Non-beam pumping unit without gearbox, crank, pitman, walking beam, cross beam and other transmission and moving parts, its transmission mechanism is the belt, wire rope, chain and other flexible components.

The motor slows down after frequency conversion.

These reasons lead to a significant reduction in the noise . After testing, the noise can be as low as 40dB. This pumping unit is suitable for oil wells in inhabited areas.

5. Easy to adjust the pumping unit balance rate.

The non-beam pumping unit adopts symmetrical balance, and its balance blocks are small in volume and large in quantity.

The balance adjustment can be carried out by increasing or decreasing the number of small balance blocks, which is very simple and convenient, and the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced.

6. Modular design for easy transportation and field installation

The non-beam pumping unit is modular in design.

The main components of the pumping unit can be assembled in the factory and transported to the oil well as a whole. Workers only need to carry out a few simple operations, and then they can complete the pumping unit site installation. Compared with beam pumping units, the installation process of non-beam is simple and fast, and the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced.

Non-beam pumping units have many advantages that beam pumping units don’t have, but why can’t they replace beam pumping units and be widely used in oil fields all over the world? Compared with beam pumping units, non-beam pumping units also have disadvantages.

1. Price is high

Although the non-beam pumping unit reduces a lot of mechanical structure, it adds a lot of electrical equipment, such as frequency converter, special motor, RTU control system, a variety of sensors, etc., and these electrical equipment need high power and perfect reliability, with relatively expensive price.

Thus the price of the whole pumping units will be raised. Oil companies need to consider the return on investment, so they can’t use non-beam pumping units on a large scale, but only in special wells.

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2. Oil workers are unable to adjust and troubleshoot hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Limited by their professional skills, oil workers are familiar with beam pumping units and can independently complete installation, adjustment and fault diagnosis. But they were very unfamiliar with electrical and hydraulic equipment.

In addition, many countries require that people with the necessary qualifications shall be allowed to operate hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Therefore, when non-beam pumping unit has electrical or hydraulic faults, oil workers cannot restore the operation of the pumping unit in a short time, only waiting for professionals to deal with it.

3. Reliability of electrical and hydraulic equipment

Due to the erosion of rain, snow, sand and extreme weather, the electrical and hydraulic equipment is prone to aging and failure, which causes the pumping unit failure and leads to the shutdown of the well.

In a word, both beam pumping unit and non-beam pumping unit have their own advantages and disadvantages and cannot completely replace each other.

As a user, you should know the real situation of your oil well and choose the most suitable pumping unit.

If you are not sure which pumping unit to choose, please contact us and our engineers will provide you with a solution.

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