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How to choose the best pumping unit manufacturer

The pumping unit is an important equipment for oil recovery.

Among the many types of pumping units, the beam pumping unit is the most durable and the most used.

The main business of the oil company is crude oil recovery.

It can purchase the pumping unit with the highest quality and the highest cost performance, which can effectively save the purchase cost and use cost and improve the efficiency of the oil company.

Do you know how to choose the best pumping unit manufacturer?

I hope the following article will help you.

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First, the certificates are complete

Pumping unit manufacturing is a standardized industry. There are many highly recognized certificates to prove the manufacturing capability and product quality of a manufacturer.

Purchasing a pumping unit must examine the manufacturer’s certificate firstly.

The most important certificates for pumping units are the API 11E product certificate and the APIQ1 quality management system certificate issued by the American petroleum institute.

The manufacturer has obtained these two certificates to prove that its product design, manufacturing and quality control meet the requirements of API standards and are trustworthy.

In addition, the purchaser should check how many years the manufacturer has obtained the API certificate and whether there is a record of deactivation.

A long time of certification and no record of being discontinued can prove that this is a reliable pumping unit manufacturer.

All of this information can be found on the API website.

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Second, the production equipment is complete

Pumping unit production is a comprehensive mechanical manufacturing process. There are many processes involved in this process, and many devices will be used.

The manufacturing process of pumping unit includes metal cutting, welding, lathe processing, casting, forging, heat treatment, assembly, spraying and other procedures, which will be used such as flame cutting machine, welding robot, machining equipment, heat treatment equipment, crane and other large equipment.

If the manufacturer has complete production equipment, it can cover the whole production process with the quality management system, independent of suppliers, and can better control the product quality and delivery time.

Quality and delivery time are very important to buyers.

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Third, strict quality control.

The pumping unit is not a high-tech product, and its main requirements are reliable quality, stable operation and low failure rate.

Quality control must be given top priority in pumping unit production.

Pumping unit quality control has two parts. First, establish a comprehensive quality management system.

The manufacturer shall strictly implement APIQ1 standard for quality control.

This can be verified by checking the certificates and the manufacturer’s quality control documents. The second is to have a complete set of quality inspection equipment.

The manufacturer shall own the raw material inspection equipment, process inspection equipment, various measuring tools, complete pumping unit test equipment, and ensure that the inspection equipment is regularly checked and measured accurately.

These shall be inspected through on-site factory inspection or entrusted to third-party inspection institutions.

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Fourth, perfect after-sales service network

The pumping unit is a kind of equipment which needs to be used outdoors in oil field, and the working environment is very bad.

If a fault occurs during the operation of the pumping unit, the supplier shall be able to provide timely and efficient after-sales service to help the customer deal with the fault as soon as possible, restore the pumping unit operation, shorten the downtime caused by the pumping unit fault, and reduce the customer’s loss.

A manufacturer’s after-sales service capability can be demonstrated by the number of its overseas after-sales service agencies and service personnel.

The purchaser should make a careful investigation of the four items of the manufacturer before purchasing the pumping units.

If the manufacturer has a significant advantage in these four items, it will prove to be a reliable pumping unit manufacturer.