What are the common troubles of conventional pumping unit?

Conventional beam pumping units work in the harsh outdoor environment, after a long time of operation will appear all kinds of faults.

As users of pumping units, they should master simple fault diagnosis knowledge and troubleshooting methods, which can quickly restore pumping unit operation and shorten the downtime.

How to diagnose and remove the faults of beam pumping units?

I hope the following articles can help you.

1.Pumping unit unbalanced vibration

Pumping unit unbalanced vibration

This is a common troubles and can be caused by a number of reasons.

1). Insufficient bearing capacity of ground, or water soaked under the concrete foundation. You should drain water, compact soil and install pumping unit again.

2). Unbalanced concrete foundation. You should pack the concrete foundation, install pumping unit again if necessary.

3). Unbalance main base. You should check main base for rigidity and tighten up the pressing bar bolts.

4). The horse bolt of subsurface fail to tighten up. You should check and tighten up the losing bolt.

5) Misaligned to well head. This is a serious fault, you must deal with it immediately.

Adjust the pumping unit and make the deviation of the central line of the main base and the well head be less than 3mm(0.12in), The diameter deviation of the suspending point’s projection and the wellhead diameter is less than Ф18mm(Ф0.7in).

6). Polish rod over or unsufficient loading. Suspending point’s load should meet the requirement of the manual.

7) Pumping unit unbalanced. The unbalance of pumping unit will cause abnormal vibration, so the pumping unit needs to adjust the balance frequently.

2. The wire line abnormally works

The wire line abnormally works

1) The steel cable has lacked grease and dried. You should Add lubrication in time.

2). Parts of the steel cable has been broken. This is a serious fault and the wire line must be replaced as soon as it is discovered.

3. Connection of Carrier bar and polished rod loosed.

This fault is caused by a mismatch between the polished rod clips and the polished rod or by wear of the polished rod clips.

Appropriate polished rod clips should be replaced immediately.

4. Horse-head abnormally works, vibrating and having noise.

Horse head abnormally works

This failure can occur for a number of reasons.

1) The wire line failure cause this fault. Please refer to wire line failure section.

2).There is friction between wire line and the said plate of the horse head. You should adjust walking beam or samson post or base until the fault disappears.

3).The pin of the horse head has been loosen or worn. Replace the pin as soon as you find this failure.

4).The weld joint of the horsehead has been broken. As soon as you find it, please repair or change horse head.

5.Walking beam was displaced or deviated breadthwise.

Walking beam was displaced or deviated breadthwise

The bolts of center bearing seat are loosen.

You should adjust the walking beam, and make the deviation of the suspending point’s projection with center line of well head be less Ф18mm(0.7in), adjust the place of the walking beam, tighten up the bolts of the center bearing seat, tighten up the bolts of the center shaft seat, tighten up pulling bolts of center shaft seat.

6. The center bearing seat and center shaft seat abnormally works and having abnormal noise.

This is due to a lack of lubrication grease in the bearing of the seat and damage to the bearing.

7.Pitman touch the crank or counterweight.

This fault may be caused by deviant installation of walking beam, You should adjust the walking beam promptly.

8. The Samson post vibrates seriously or leaning. This is a very serious malfunction, The fault was caused by a loose bolts which connect Samson post and main base are loosen.

You should Use the plumb bob to adjust the deviation of the center of the beam and the marking hole of the main base is less 5mm (0.2in), add the gasket under the connection board of the supporting frame, tighten up the bolt of the Samson post.

9.Tail bearing seat abnormally works and having abnormal noise The fault is caused by damage to the bearing due to lack of lubrication. You should add lubrication grease and Change the bearing if it is necessary.

Tail bearing seat abnormally works

10.Crank pin works abnormally, Periodic noise from crank pin. Crank pin displaced on axial direction. There are three reasons for these failure.

Crank pin works abnormally

1) Pumping unit load is too high or too low.

2) The pumping unit balance rate is not up to the requirement.

3) The crank pin is faulty or damaged.

If such a fault occurs, you should check the load and balance of the pumping unit and make sure the crank pin is working properly.

Pumping unit fault diagnosis and treatment needs a long time of experience accumulation.

If something goes wrong with the pumping unit, contact the manufacturer and ask for their repair advice, which will allow you to resume production more quickly.

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