Low Profile Pumping Unit

Sanjack Petro has a strong pumping unit design ability. According to API 11E standard and China national standard, SanJack Petro has designed and developed a series of pumping units according to market demand.

  • Conventional API 11E pumping unit
  • RM Beam Pump(ReversMark Beam Pump)
  • Beam Balanced Pump Jack
  • Low Profile Nodding Donkey

Low profile pumping unit is designed for applications where pump height is a critical concern.

For locations with overhead irrigation systems, locations that are highly visible to the public, or locations with other conditions that would benefit from a low profile, the unit is an optimal solution that offers many of the same benefits as a conventional pumping unit.

lp oil pump jack

The primary differences between low profile pumping units and conventional units are:

  • The structure of the low profile unit uses a uniquely designed crank arm, along with a belt and roller assembly, to provide the lowest possible overhead height
  • The carrier bar is supported by the two belts instead of a wireline bridle assembly.

Low Profile Pumping Unit Structure:

low profile pumping units tructure diagram

1 Frame 2 Sub-base

3 Prime mover extension4 Sampson post assembly 5 Reducer assembly

6 Crank 7 Crank pin assembly

8 Equalizedpitman assembly 9 Master and auxiliary counterweights 10 Auxiliary side counterweights

11 Unt brake assembly 12 Roller drum assembly

13 Bridle belt assembly 14 Bridle assembly

15 Belt guard assembly 16 Belt guard mounting bracket 17 Prime mover slide rai assembly18 Crank guard assembly


  • Wells located in agricultural areas using overhead irrigation.
  • Wells near developed areas that would benefit from lower visibility.


  • Delivers easy installation and maintenance.
  • Provides long service lift of more than 25 years with proper maintenance.
  • Reduces operating height 10-15ft.


  • High-load dual taper bearings for the roller assemblies.
  • High-capacity gear reducer designed far beyond API requirements.
  • Large, low speed shaft for long life and increased counterbalance support.
  • Field-serviceable gear reducer design with bolt-on cranks.

Pumping Unit Manufacturing Site:

low profile pump jack

lp pumping unit

Basic ParametersRated Polish Rod Capacity (lbs)25,60024,60024,60017,30017,300
Stroke Length (in)100/86/7486/74/6286/74/6274/64/5464/54/44
Max. Stroke Frequency (r/min)1212121212
Balanced TypeCrank Balanced
Crank DirectionClockwise
Rated Torque(in.lbs)320,000320,000228,000160,00011,400
Gear TypeDouble circular arc gear reducer or Involute gear reducer
Reducing Ratio28.80728.80728.87328.50628.355
Center Range (in)37.437.433.4629.5325.59
Center Height (in)23.2323.2319.6917.7216.73
Oil Storage quantity
(U.S. Gal)
Lubricant20# Gear lubricant in winter,200# Gear lubricant in summer
Sheave Diameter(in)44″44″36″36″30″
Sheave groove type5C5C4C4C4C
Balance AssemblyWeight of Cranks (Lbs)3731×23309×23406×22242×22002×2
Wrist Pin bore
Positions (in)
BeltLength* Width* Thickness167.52*20*0.394146.46*20*0.394146.46*20*0.394133.86*14.96*0.394116.93*14.96*0.394
Fixed Type of main baseCross Bars (Levers)
Approax. Total Weight
ex. prime mover (lbs)
Overall Dimensions
L*W*H (in)

Feature Products

API pumping unit
  • API 11E 20 years
  • Schlumberger Supplier
RM Pumping Unit
  • Energy Saving
  • Increase Pump Efficiency
B Type pumping unit
  • Simple Structure
  • Good Balance Effect
Low Profile pumping unit
  • The Lowest Overhead Height
  • Simple Structure
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