Intelligent Pumping Units

The intelligent pumping unit is equipped with data acquisition equipment, which can real-time collect the key data such as load, displacement, current, voltage, angular displacement, etc., and support the remote transmission of data to the application end, so as to realize the intelligent control of the pumping jack.

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The intelligent pumping unit mainly includes 7 functions.

  • Working condition diagnosis:realize automatic diagnosis of more than 10 working conditions of wax deposition, sand production and insufficient liquid supply in the production process of pumping wells;
  • Liquid production calculation:realize real-time online calculation of fluid production of pumping wells;
  • Dynamic liquid level calculation:realize real-time online calculation of dynamic liquid level of pumping wells;
  • Self adjusting balance: automatically judge whether the pumping unit is balanced or not and carry out self adjustment;
  • Belt slip diagnosis:automatically judge whether the belt of pumping unit is slipping or not;
  • Fault prediction: to predict the pump leakage, sucker rod break off and other faults in the future;
  • Dynamic parameter adjustment:automatic on-line adjustment of production parameters such as stroke times.

intelligent pumping unit controller

The intelligent pumping unit Products have four advantages

First, intelligent products.

The multi-core convolution neural network, cyclic neural network and other big data methods are used to realize the intelligent diagnosis and fault prediction of pumping well conditions, reduce the labor intensity of oil well management, and provide work efficiency and quality;

Second, integrated application.

Based on the accurate diagnosis of oil well-working conditions, the core elements of oil well production “liquid volume, dynamic level, the trend” are integrated to support the analysis and optimization of oil wells.

Third, strong adaptability.

The product provides a variety of business algorithms for oil well production calculation and dynamic liquid level calculation, which can be applied to the measurement of various reservoir types and different production pumping equipment.

Users can choose the appropriate calculation model to improve calculation accuracy.

Fourth, the flexible application mode.

Product R & D is developed according to component mode, and product functions can be separated according to customer needs.

1.Current data

Real time diagnosis and analysis of oil well production conditions enables users to master the production conditions of each well at any time.

intelligent pumping unit current data

2.Historical data
Analyze the working conditions of oil Wells within a certain period of time, and guide users to track and analyze.

intelligent pumping unit controller historical data

3. Working condition diagnosis

The system can automatically analyze the changes of power diagram and production parameters, diagnose the working conditions of pumping wells under the current indicator diagram, and realize the comprehensive display of indicator diagram and production data.

According to different types of working conditions, the classified statistical query is carried out, and the diagnosis results of single well under the same working conditions.

working condition diagnosis

4. Fault prediction

While describing the current working conditions of a single well, it also shows the possible changes of working conditions and severity of a single well within 5 days.

fault prediction

5. Virtual measurement

virtual measurement

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