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Sanjack has more than 30 year’s experiences and equipped with class I, II & III pressure vessel production certificate. Leading products include tank, tower, furnace and structure parts. The annual production capacity is 10,000 tons.

  • In 1997, Sanjack obtained the Grade 3 installation qualification.;
  • In 2004, Obtained crane installation and maintenance license.
  • In 2005, obtained the B-class pressure pipe component manufacturing license;
  • In 2007, we obtained the D-class pressure vessel design license;
  • In 2008, we obtained the A-class boiler design and manufacturing qualification.
  • In 2012, Sanjack has obtained ASME U&S qualification;

Phase change heating furnaces are widely used in various industries for their ability to efficiently heat materials and achieve precise temperature control. This advanced technology greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of heating processes.

Sanjack vacuum phase change heating furnace works by phase change heating. In a closed container without condensing gas, the intermediate medium absorbs the fuel combustion heat to evaporate into a gas, and transfers the latent heat of vaporization to the working medium (such as water) in the gas phase space, condenses into a liquid and falls back to the liquid phase space, and is heated by the fuel combustion heat to evaporate again. The working medium (such as water) continuously takes away the condensing heat of the intermediate medium, and the intermediate medium condensed into a liquid continuously absorbs the fuel combustion heat and gasification, so that the dynamic heat balance is formed, so that the surface pressure in the simplified system is maintained at a phase change operating state of <0 MPa.

1.Working Principle

Phase change heating furnaces utilize the principle of latent heat transfer during phase change. When a material undergoes a phase change, such as from solid to liquid or liquid to gas, it absorbs or releases large amounts of heat energy without a significant change in temperature. This property is exploited in phase change heating furnaces to provide efficient and uniform heating.

The furnace is equipped with a heating element, usually made of resistance wires, which generates heat energy by electrical conduction. The heat is conducted to a heating medium, such as oil or salt, which has a high heat capacity and is capable of storing and transferring heat effectively. The material to be heated is immersed in the heating medium, and as it undergoes a phase change, the latent heat of the medium is transferred to the material, resulting in heating.

  1. Applications

Phase change heating furnaces find a wide range of applications across various industries.

1). Metallurgical Industry: Phase Change Heaters are extensively used for the heat treatment of metals, including annealing, tempering, and quenching. The precise temperature control and uniform heating provided by phase change heating furnaces ensure consistent quality and improved mechanical properties of the treated metals.

2). Chemical Industry: Phase change heating furnaces are used for various chemical processes, such as distillation, evaporation, and crystallization. The ability to achieve high temperatures and rapid heat transfer enhances the efficiency and productivity of these processes.

3). Food Industry: Phase Change Heater is employed for cooking, frying, and drying applications in the food industry. The precise temperature control and uniform heating prevent overcooking or undercooking, resulting in improved quality and reduced processing time.

4). Pharmaceutical Industry: Phase change heating furnaces are used for the production of drugs and pharmaceuticals. The ability to achieve and maintain specific temperatures ensures the desired chemical reactions and product quality.



Sanjack phase change heating furnace has the following advantages.

1). Secure

Sanjack vacuum phase change heating furnace has two invention patents “vacuum pressure controller” and “blasting device” to completely solve the danger of heating furnace shell explosion in extreme circumstances, very safe, fully suitable for the oilfield gathering and transportation field of heating furnace safety requirements.

2). Energy-saving

Working medium coil using water vapor and coil into condensation heat transfer, can greatly improve the heat transfer effect. The smoke pipe using efficient threaded pipe, increase the flue gas flow, strengthen the flue gas heat transfer effect. The water in the cylinder in a fully closed state phase change cycle, small heat loss, vacuum phase change furnace thermal efficiency reached 90%.

3). Efficient Heating

Phase change heating furnaces utilize the latent heat transfer mechanism, which allows for efficient and uniform heating. The heat energy is effectively utilized, resulting in reduced energy consumption and cost savings.

4). Long-life

Because the external hot water, crude oil and natural gas themselves only run in the coil tube, and the cylinder runs in a completely closed state without oxygen, there is no corrosion and scaling problem on the outer wall of the coil tube, and the service life of the furnace body is longer. The working medium coil with self-cleaning system can prevent or eliminate the crude oil dirt deposition in the coil and maintain the stable performance of the heating furnace..

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