Well Flushing Protector

This reservoir well flushing protector is one of our patent products specially designed for many oil wells with serious formation deficit, in which all the well flushing fluid leaks into the underground formation during well flushing, which not only pollutes the formation but also fails to achieve the due effect and purpose of well flushing.

The aim of this patent is to ensure that the well flushing fluid does not enter the reservoir, but all return to the surface, achieving the purpose of well flushing and protecting the formation from pollution.

Sanjack produces many Oil Recovery Tools.

When the oil well is backwashed, both the rubber bowl and the expansion rubber cylinder seal the annulus of the tubing and casing at the same time, the single flow valve with the pump pressure greater than 5MPa closes automatically, and the expansion rubber cylinder opens, so that the flushing fluid cannot enter the formation, so as to wash the well and protect the formation.

In the normal production of an oil well, the single flow valve is always open under the action of suction.

Structural features:

The main components include upper and lower joints, central pipe, rubber bowl, oil drain device, single flow valve, expansion rubber cylinder, etc.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for well washing in all wells with serious formation loss.


1. Inspection tools:

Tools must be checked carefully before running into the well, and only when the tools are in good condition can they be run into the well. The inspection contents are as follows:

1). Whether the connecting threads at both ends are intact.

2). There shall be no permanent deformation on the outer surface of the tool after collision.

3). Whether there are sundries and iron pins in the inner hole of the well flushing protector.

2.The oil well must be sand washed to the bottom of the artificial well: the well must be passed through to ensure no obstruction, and the outside diameter of the drift gauge must be greater than the maximum outer diameter of the tool.

  1. 3. Downhole tubing and tools must be kept clean. The tubing shall be passed through with the standard tubing gauge, and its size should be measured accurately, the threads shall be coated with oil and then fastened.

4.The operation of running down the oil well washing protector should strictly implement the downhole operation rules and safety regulations. During the running down operation, the operation should be stable and the speed should be moderate (30 pieces / H). All rush actions are prohibited, and the wellhead must be fitted with a weight gauge.

The device is connected to the lower end of the tail pipe of the production pipe string. If the pump setting depth is more than 1500m, it can also be directly connected to the fixed valve of the pump.

Name Reservoir well flushing protector
Model 113 145
Connection thread 2 7/8 2 7/8

Outer diameter 113 145
Length 1450 1500
Pressure resistance of

rubber bowl and rubber cylinder

20MPa 20MPa

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