Swabbing truck

Swabbing truck is one of the products developed by Sanjack to support drilling and workover services, which overcomes the shortcomings of existing swabbing equipment such as discontinuous swabbing, low swabbing efficiency, and complex processes, and achieves continuous swabbing and liquid discharge operations. The Swabbing truck can be customized according to client needs to meet different requirements for oil recovery and salvage operations.

  • The swabbing truck of Sanjack has rear operated type and front operated type.
  • This equipment is safe and convenient to handle with a high degree of automation, compared to existing swabbing methods.
  • All Swabbing unit undergo 100% strict inspection before delivery.

The Swabbing in Oil Drilling is an important process for Swabbing for workover of oilfiled, which directly affects the production efficiency and cost control .

Swabbing is the process of draining liquid from the production area of a gas well or oil well.Gas wells and oil wells generate fluids during the service life of a well. When drilling for the first time, it is usually fractured to help open up the production area. After hydraulic fracturing, the liquid is recovered by swabbing the oil well. When the liquid is lifted to reduce the static water pressure of the production formation, the bottom hole pressure pushes gas and/or oil upwards out of the well.

Although the lifespan of the well has ended, as the well ages, the liquid will flow back with natural gas or oil. If the bottomhole pressure is insufficient to push the liquid out of the well, production will decrease. Then the oil well must be swabbed or the static water pressure reduced to maintain production.

The principle of swabbing is to discharge accumulated liquid and waste liquid from the wellbore to maintain a clean underground environment and improve oil field production efficiency. Usually, liquid discharge includes a large amount of harmful substances such as oily water, wastewater, and mud. Liquid discharge technology needs to ensure the safety and efficiency of the discharge.

Swabbing truck

The current commonly used method for swabbing and draining fluids is the method of using a rubber swab driven by a drilling rig. The use of a drilling rig on the ground cannot operate continuously and requires manual maintenance; The use of a leather bowl suction pump underground makes the wellhead unsealed, and the pump is prone to damage, resulting in low suction efficiency. Due to the short swabbing cycle of each oil well, surface swabbing equipment needs to be frequently transported, resulting in high transportation costs, inconvenient transportation, and potential safety hazards during the transportation process.

In response to the above issues, Sanjack developed a continuous swabbing truck.

The swabbing truck is a special oil vehicle modified based on a Class II chassis. It adopts the suction principle and owns various functions such as oil recovery, oilforced drainage, oil testing. It can also be used for well dredging and salvage operations in oil wells and water wells.

It mainly consists of Class II chassis, depth and weight control system, power system, mast and steel wire rope, winch drum, braking system, deceleration system, traction system, control system, safety protection system, and operation platform

Among them, the swabbing system is equipped with a sucker rod pump system, which is driven by a steel wire rope to drive the sucker rod pump. The steel wire rope sealing device can achieve wellhead sealing. The sucker rod pump can achieve continuous swabbing. The swabbing string can be integrated with the fracturing or acidizing string, reducing the process of partially lifting and lowering the string.

1.The continuous swabbing truck has the advantages of continuous and reliable operation, convenient parameter adjustment, high drainage efficiency, and simple handling and installation. It solves the problems of discontinuous swabbing and drainage operation, low drainage efficiency, and cumbersome equipment handling,compared with existing drainage technologies.

2.The continuous swabbing truck can meet the needs of exploration well drainage and production testing, rapid drainage after fracturing, and oil recovery in remote wells, and has a wide range of applications.

3.Through on-site testing, the feasibility and reliability of the on-site application of continuous swabbing vehicles have been verified, and good experimental results have been achieved, reaching the level of on-site application and having good application prospects.

Swabbing truck

Type Rear operated and front operated
Skid-mounted unit Yes
Suitable operation Swabbing,well flushing,oil testing
Maximum lifting force(kN) 120
Maximum homework depth (m) 2,850
Derrick structure Integral type, separate type,sectional type


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