Self-propelled carriers and trailer

Self-propelled carriers and trailers are the foundation of mobile drilling and workover operation.The self-propelled carriers and trailers of Sanjack are based on self-propelled chassis and specially optimized, with the advantages of flexible mobility, strong off-road ability, and suitable for driving in complex areas such as muddy areas, deserts, and mountainous areas.

  • Self-propelled carriers, trailers and self-propelled chassis of Sanjack have short body with small turning radius, which effectively save the operation area.
  • Working temperature range from -45℃ to 50℃ to fit harsh environment.
  • Carrier and tralier of Sanjack can match with various workover rig carrier from XJ250 to XJ850.

Main structure of the Self-propelled workover rig includes cab, frame assembly, suspension assembly, axle assembly, transmission system, braking system, steering mechanism, and electrical system. The following will briefly introduce each component of our mobile Workover rig.

  1. The cab is a flat head structure with a single driver’s seat.
  2. The frame assembly is a specialized frame for heavy-duty drilling rigs, with an overall frame structure.

(1) The longitudinal beam and tail beam are made of high-quality high-strength 16Mn I-shaped steel. The lower edge of the longitudinal beam is welded with reinforcement plates to enhance the bending strength of the frame. The outer sides of the web plates of the two longitudinal beams are arranged with liquid and gas pipelines.

(2) The frame is made of rectangular steel pipes, reinforced by several diagonal supports. The rear frame is equipped with a work walkway for easy operation, inspection, and inspection by operators.

(3) The frame is equipped with four hydraulic support legs, front and rear trailer hooks, and various bracket supports.

  1. Suspension assembly:

There are usually three suspension methods used:

(1) The front axle is suspended with steel plates.

(2) The middle and rear axles are suspended with steel balance beams.

(3) The other bridges are floating bridges, suspended by air springs.

Self-propelled carrier and tralier

  1. Axle assembly:

All axles are heavy-duty type.

  1. Transmission system:

The power is transmitted through the transfer case, and the front and rear axles, as well as the winch, are respectively controlled by sliding clutches. The clutch of the front axle is controlled by the driver in the cab, while the transmission clutch of the rear axle and the transmission clutch of the winch on the vehicle are controlled by a lever to ensure safety.

  1. Braking system:

This self-propelled chassis adopts a pneumatic transmission braking method, consisting of two parts: foot brake (service brake) and hand brake (parking brake).

Self-propelled carrier and tralier

Our company has developed a special Workover rig tralier range from 6X6 to 14X14, which is compatible with the entire series of XJ250 to XJ850 workover machines.

It can operate in various terrains such as roads, deserts, mountains, and swamps, with strong driving power, good off-road performance, and can work in the range of ambient temperature -45 ℃ to 50 ℃.

Besides,the company also developed a desert off-road carrier.

The Workover rig chassis driving type is 8×8, with an upper engine and a biased flat cab. It adopts a heavy-duty drive axle and is equipped with 29.5-25 tires.

Currently, self-propelled carriers and trailers of Sanjack have been applied in many oil fields for truck mounted Workover rig both domestically and internationally.

Model ZT6601 ZT8601 ZT10801 ZT12801 ZT14100
Drive type 6X6 8X8 10X8 12X8 14X10
Mass Total mass(kg) 36000 46000 58000 68000 80000
Unladen mass(kg) 15000 18000 22000 26000 32000
Size Dimension(mm) 11355×3210×2960 13350×3210×3010 14650×3210×3010 14950×3210×3010 14950×3210×3010
Wheel distance(mm) Front 1928/
Rear 2013
Front 2430/
Rear 2325
Front 3430/
Rear 2325
Front 3430/
Rear 2325
Front 3430/
Rear 2325
Front overhang/
Rear  Front overhang
1630/2775 1700/3400 1700/3300 1700/3300 1700/2695
Parameter Gradeability(%) 30 30 30 30 20
Min. turning dia(m) 25000 32000 34000 35000 36000
Max speed(km/h) 50
(15 in desert)
(15 in desert)
(15 in desert)
(15 in desert)
(15 in desert)

Self-propelled carrier and tralier

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