Polished Rod Stuffing Box

Sanjack polished rod stuffing box is a new patent product developed by Sanjack oil and gas stuffing box manufacturer.

  • Automatic axial self-aligning
  • Radial offset, simple maintenance
  • Longer service life, antitheft and increasing production.
  • The unique superiority will be highlighted if Sanjack oilfield stuffing box is applied in thickened oil well, polymer injection well, high water cut well and with deep pumping.

The oilfield stuffing box on the pumping well abrades frequently and loses sealing effect due to the eccentric wear and reciprocation of the polished rod, which badly reduces service life and results in oil leak.

The well is regularly shut down to change the stuffing box. The cost, management difficulty, and work strength of oil workers increase for this reason. In the meantime, it causes surface pollution and crude oil loss.

Sanjack the fine-tuning long-term polished rod stuffing box is our company’s new type patent product. The product is easy to install and convenient to maintain with a simple structure, and it is a polished rod stuffing box that doesn’t need to change the sealing parts frequently through several micro-adjustment, to guarantee the sealing effect.

The chosen sealing part is the Cone sealing element which is made of special formula. Sanjack the fine-tuning long-term polished rod stuffing box is made of three-level seals: sealing part Ι was designed for helping change sealing part ΙΙ of failure due to abrasion. While Sanjack polished rod stuffing box is normal running, the bolts on both sides are in the highest position, and the sealing part Ι is in a free state.

It takes effect while changing sealing part ΙΙ. Sealing part ΙΙ take seal effect is effective in sealing throughout the polished rod’s moving movement, it can be adjusted by fine-tuning structure, and compensating the element abrasion continuously, to keep a good seal.

Sealing part ΙΙΙ is to prevent the grease from spilling from the stuffing box, it prevents sand from dropping into the seal and hurting the polished rod and the sealing parts, it doesn’t bear pressure.

Polished Rod Stuffing Box China

The service life could be over 1 year. Additionally, during using process, it is not necessary to be fastened repeatedly, which reduces labor intensity. The longer maintenance cycle reduces crude oil loss and surface pollution caused by oil well shutdown and stuffing box change. Sanjack produce many Oil Recovery Tools, polished rod stuffing box is a new product with great promotional value.


polished rod stuffing box

Combined type stuffing made of special materials has better wear resistance, oil-proof, temperature resistance and seal performance than regular rubber stuffing. V-shaped structure makes the stuffing box have larger deformation compensation scope.

It adopts the structure of one-soft-one-hard, one-seal-one-scrape and multi-seal-multi-scrape. It has a better seal effect on electrical heating heavy oil wells. The polished rod could be luminous as new.

polished rod stuffing box packing






CWG-series polished rod stuffing box Remarks
Model CWG25~CWG38
Max. Diameter (mm) φ180
Max. Height(mm) 460
Working pressure(MPa) 21
Joint mode Clamp type, coupling type
Suitable polished rod diameter(mm) φ25~φ38 Customizable
Max. aligning and deviation adjustment Axial ±10°, radial ±20mm
Weight(kg) 25 Standard: SY/T5029-2013


           Trimming Long-Act polished rod stuffing box
Working pressure(MPa) 25
Suitable polished rod diameter(mm) 25~38
Dimension 190*190*400mm
Weight(kg) 18.6
Bottom connection Clamp type, thread type


1). Obtain the utility model patent

2). The sealing part is consist of grade Ι,Ⅱ,Ⅲ.

3). Convenient maintenance, compact structure, and easy to operate.

4). Long lifetime of the stuffing box.

5). Deviation adjustment and anti-eccentric worn: Axial self-aligning, Radial offset

6). Simple maintenance and longer service life

7). Combined type stuffing has a more reliable seal effect

8). Auxiliary function: extend the service life of stuffing, and to some degree optimize the working condition of polished rod.

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