Our Oil Pump Jack Project in Peru.

Sanjack Peru was founded in 2018.

With excellent product quality and timely after-sales service,

pump jack Project in Peru

Sanjack Peru has successfully explored the Peruvian market and established long-term cooperative relations with a large number of powerful Peruvian oil companies, such as SAPET, Peru CNPC, GMP, SAVIA, etc.

Sanjack’s pumping units are widely used in Peru’s oil fields.

oil pump jack Peru

Pumping units are mainly small and medium-sized, such as C114, C160, C228 and other models.

The pumping units are driven by electro motor and natural gas motor.

Sanjack company has completed the selection, manufacturing, shipping and site guidance installation of pumping units.
peru oil pump jack project
With excellent quality and after-sales service, SanJack’s pumping units are well received by customers in Peru.