How to solve the problem that it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy when the manipulator holds the tube?

With mechanized and automatic wellhead tool’s application in the oil drilling industry, the technology concerning the oil rig manufacture at home develops rapidly, including both research and development of the automatic discharge pipes. However, compared with foreign countries, it is still in its infancy and is incompatible with rig’s overall development level.

In recent years, wellhead automation tools such as power “catwalks”, iron drills, power slips, and automatic elevators have been promoted and used in major domestic oilfields. Under the current low oil price situation, major domestic oil companies have proposed “reducing staff and increasing efficiency. “The strategic slogan. Automated drilling rigs that integrate various automated tools will become the mainstream of future drilling rig needs.

Compared with wellhead automation tools such as power “catwalk”, top drive and iron driller, the development and application of the second-layer platform automatic pipe arranging system is still in the early stage in China. Therefore, the automatic pipe arranging technology of the two-story platform has become a bottleneck restricting the development of my country’s fully integrated automatic drilling rigs.

In the field of automatic workover operation, the pipe string in the wellhead needs to be buckled. In the existing butt joint operation, the drill floor manipulator is gradually used to replace the manual pipe supporting. Although the manipulator has advantages in supporting the pipe and the repetitive action of the buckle, the operation condition of the manipulator is to ensure the relative stability of the collar position of the central string at the wellhead. Floating slips are widely used to fix the pipe string in the wellhead in the overhaul operation of the existing technology.

However, the position of the floating slip in the center of the wellhead will shift and float with the change of the derrick suspension load. Moreover, the amount and direction of the movement are uncertain, resulting in the change of the collar position of the pipe string at the upper end of the slip, but the existing manipulator technology does not have Because of the dynamic identification function, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy when the mechanical hand holds the pipe to buckle. This characteristic of the floating slip is not conducive to the mechanical hand pipe buckle.

During the drilling process of our country’s existing drilling rigs, when starting and drilling operations, the process of discharging the columns from the wellhead to the second-floor platform finger beam and removing the columns from the second-floor platform finger beam to the wellhead is mainly done manually Realized with the traveling block hook.

Aiming at this problem, San Jack Group has developed a locking device to solve the technical problem that it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of mechanical hand tube locking in the existing technology

The product is a bucking device, which relates to the technical field of automatic workover equipment, including slips and bucking main body; Connect to buckle subject and slip through, to make the trip to the main body with the slip body movement, so when the slip along with the changing derrick suspended load migration and floating, the main body with the position of the slip transform buckle a body movement, further through the buckle body to buckle channel is set, the clasp channel with slip collar position corresponding to the set, used to slip collar location string docking, limit, based on the integration of subject and slip buckle design can eliminate in the process of buckle to buckle the displacement between the subject and slip, enables the string in the butt to direct docking with the slip inside the string better, It solves the technical problem in the existing technology that it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical hand tube when it is fastened.

In the two-story platform automatic pipe arranging device type, the upper supporting and lower supporting pipe arranging mechanism is borne by the second-story platform due to the weight of the column. Without changing the strength of the existing derrick, it is more suitable for small drilling and workover rigs. The double/triple mechanical gripper pipe arranging mechanism is complex in structure and high in cost, and is suitable for offshore oil drilling platforms.

As a typical large-scale steel structure, the oil rig derrick has been in the field environment for a long time, and is subject to wind, rain and freezing erosion. It is also easily bumped and squeezed during transportation. Long-term accumulation will cause damage to the main structure of the derrick. The drill string of the device is mainly carried by the drill floor manipulator. There is no higher requirement on the strength of the derrick, and no strength modification of the derrick is required.

100-slip  200-Buckle body   300-Buckle mechanism   301-Driving mechanism         302-Guide cover    312-First guide body     322-Secondary guide body

332-First connecting frame   342-Second connecting frame   352-First pretension spring    362-First guide rod    303-Buckle adjustment mechanism 313-First rack

323-Second rack      333-First slider     343-Second slider                                   353-First adjusting bolt  363-Second adjusting bolt  304-Second guide rail

305-gear   400-Regulating device   401-Lifting mechanism    411-Lifting column                421-Lifting oil cylinder   402-Telescopic mechanism   412-First guide rail

422-Telescopic boom   432-Telescopic oil cylinder   500-base                        600-Fastening mechanism  601-Adjusting screw  602-Guide seat  603-Roller


Looking at the development status of automatic pipe arranging technology at home and abroad, the development of this equipment, advanced technology and high safety and reliability, simple structure, good performance, high degree of automation and easy operation of wellhead automation tools will significantly improve the efficiency of drilling operations And the overall automation level of the drilling rig, this will also become the development trend of automatic pipe arranging devices.

Combining with the actual situation of our country’s existing large land drilling rigs, we will focus on researching the automatic pipe arranging device suitable for our country’s drilling rigs, which is of great significance to meet the requirements of domestic and international markets for high-end drilling rigs and to improve the safety and automation level of our country’s drilling rigs.