Non-beam Puming Unit

  • In order to solve the inherent defects of beam pumping units, Sanjack has developed a series of Non-beam Puming Unit with advantages of long stroke, low speed, energy saving, simple operation, quick installation, easy maintenance, safe operation, reliable performance and so on.
  • Non-beam Puming Unit can realize deep pumping and carry out large displacement liquid extraction, which is especially suitable for heavy oil Wells.
  • Non-beam Puming Unit has high reliability, easy maintenance and convenient operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves work efficiency and safety.

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Long stroke

The stroke length of Non-beam Puming Unit is above 6 meters, and can achieve stepless adjustment.

Low stroke

The stroke of Non-beam Puming Unit can be less than 2 times, and can achieve stepless adjustment.

Energy saving

The Non-beam Puming Unit adopts symmetrical balance to reduce power consumption by 30%.

Heavy oil recovery

Non-beam Puming Unit can improve the fillage of the downhole pump and is suitable for heavy oil recovery.

Motor Reversing Intelligent Tower Pumping Unit
  • No reversing impact
  • Energy saving over 30%
External Rotor Electric Motor Tower Pumping Unit
  • Quiet, less than 20 decibels
  • Energy saving 30%
Flexible Rod Extra-long Stroke Tower Pumping Unit
  • Stroke length is 18 meters.
  • Stepless adjusted
Belt Tower Pumping Unit
  • Switched reluctance motor
  • Intelligent control system

The beam pump factory is one of the main branches of Sanjack Group, which specializes in design, production, maintenance, sales and service of pump jacks. The factory has more than 240 employees, 130 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment, 10 million yuan of fixed asset, an annual output of more than 1200 pumping units.
Our pumping unit factory has a high-level technical expert team, including 9 engineers and 14 technicians. The Intermediate and senior workers have reached 90% among all workers. The high technical level of the staff provides a solid technical guarantee for the production of high-quality grasshopper pump.
The technical department strictly designs various types of pumping units in accordance with the International Standard and GB/T 29021-2012.

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