Nodding-donkey Project is in coal bed methane

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Coalbed methane (CBM), commonly known as “gas”, is mainly composed of CH4 (methane), an associated gas that mainly exists in coal mines, and is also one of the main causes of underground coal mine accidents.

coal bed methane

It is a self-stored natural gas in coal seam and rock stratum produced in the coal formation process.

It belongs to unconventional natural gas and is a high-quality chemical and energy raw material.

Coalbed methane is a new energy with high calorific value and no pollution.

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It can be used to generate electricity, used as industrial fuel, chemical raw materials and residential fuel.

If coal-bed methane leaks into the atmosphere, it will exacerbate the global greenhouse effect.

There is a drainage process in CBM production, very similar to oil recovery in the oil industry.

Sanjack has been working to apply the oil recovery equipment to coal-bed methane production.

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At present, there are a large number of CBM mining projects in Xinjiang, Guizhou and Shanxi.

Sanjack designs a complete solution for the customer, providing a complete set of production equipment including pumping units, insert pumps, wellhead and Christmas tree, OCTG tubing and casing, and sucker rods.