National Standard Pumping Unit

  • Sanjack Petro has strong capacity of research, design and manufacturing national standard pumping unit,the annual production reach 1000 sets
  • the company has welding and machining workshop 17,942 square meters, take up 64,952 square meters, complete inspection and test equipment, and has more than 130 types of advanced production facilities
  • Sanjack has 20 years of API 11E oil pump jack experience
  • In order to improve mechanical efficiency, reduce power consumption and increase oil well production, SanJack has designed a series of new beam pumping units according to national standards.
  • According to the API SPEC 11E standard and GB/T29021-2012 《Beam Pumping Unit》standards.

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API SPEC 11E & GB/T29021-2012

This pumping unit is designed according to API standard and Chinese national standard.


The National standard Pumping Unit reduces power consumption by 30%.

Smart Pumping Unit

The pump jack adopts intelligent design to realize data acquisition, analysis and processing.

Long stroke

The national standard Pumping Unit pumping unit has a stroke of 6 meters.

Compound Balance Pumping Unit
  • Excellent energy saving effect
  • Long service life
Double-horsehead Pumping Unit
  • Long Stroke
  • Easy to adjust balance
Moment Regulate Pumping Unit
  • Easy to adjust balance
  • Simple structure
Electric Cylinder Pumping Unit
  • Energy saving
  • High mechanical efficiency

The beam pump factory is one of the main branches of Sanjack Group, which specializes in design, production, maintenance, sales and service of pump jacks. The factory has more than 240 employees, 130 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment, 10 million yuan of fixed asset, an annual output of more than 1200 pumping units.
Our pumping unit factory has a high-level technical expert team, including 9 engineers and 14 technicians. The Intermediate and senior workers have reached 90% among all workers. The high technical level of the staff provides a solid technical guarantee for the production of high-quality grasshopper pump.
The technical department strictly designs various types of pumping units in accordance with the standard API SPEC 11 E and GB/T 29021-2012.

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