Mud pump

The Mud pump is an important equipment in the lifting system and also the core equipment of a workover rig. Sanjack has rich experience in Mud pump production and our mud pump can be used with different models of drilling rig and workover rigs for different oilfield operations.

  • The mud pump of Sanjack adopts a three cylinder structure, such as f series mud pump for various HP mud pump.
  • Our triplex mud pump has small volume, light weight, high efficiency, and small pressure fluctuations, making it particularly suitable for drilling.
  • Sanjack service team can provide 24/7 international services for our clients.


In the operation of using rotary drilling method to drill oil and natural gas wells, the drilling reciprocating pump is used to pump drilling fluid, i.e. mud, to circulate and flush the well. During drilling, the mud pump injects mud into the wellbore along with the drill bit, playing a role in cooling the drill bit, cleaning drilling tools, fixing the wellbore wall, driving drilling, and bringing rock cuttings back to the surface.So drilling mud pumps and workover mud pumps are usually referred to as mud pumps, which are the core components of drilling and workover operations.

In commonly used positive circulation drilling, the mud pump sends the surface flushing medium – clear water, mud, or polymer flushing fluid – through a high-pressure hose, faucet, and the center hole of the drill string under a certain pressure to the low end of the drill bit, in order to cool the drill bit, eliminate the cut rock cuttings, and transport them to the surface. The commonly used mud pump is a piston or plunger type, which is driven by a power machine to rotate the crankshaft of the pump. The crankshaft then drives the piston or plunger through the crosshead to perform reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder. Under the alternating action of the suction and discharge valves, achieve the purpose of compression and circulating flushing.

The mud pump produced by Sanjack adopts a three cylinder single column plug structure, consisting of a power end, a hydraulic end, and a lubrication system,mud pump pistons and valves. The power end reduction mechanism adopts an external gearbox type, and the hydraulic end seal adopts a packing seal, which can prevent plunger leakage by tightening the packing. The hydraulic end has been modified and can be used for transporting corrosive media. The power end lubrication comes with a lubricating oil pump, and the hydraulic end lubrication adopts pneumatic lubrication.

Sanjack mud pump include Electric Mud Pump and vertical mud pump, can be widely used for oil well operations and can work with well washing and wax removal trucks, workover machines, drilling machines, and fracturing equipment.

All Mud pumps belong to reciprocating pumps, and the outstanding advantages of reciprocating pumps are: high pump pressure, pump pressure not changing with flow (displacement), high pump efficiency, and not changing with flow. They can transport liquids with high viscosity, high sand content, and abrasive solid particles.

  1. Remove rock debris from the bottom of the well and send it back to the surface;
  2. Make mud cakes on the wellbore to prevent collapse;
  3. Balance or control the pressure of oil, gas, and water layers in the drilled well section to prevent blowout;
  4. Handle complex underground situations. When encountering fractured formations, pump in plugging materials, and when encountering stuck drilling, pump in crude oil and diesel to release the stuck.
  5. Cool the drill bit and lubricate the rotating drill string.

mud pump

Model 3ZB-100 3ZB-145 3ZB-185-1 3ZB-185-2 3ZB-300 Unit
Max. input power 100 145 185 185 300 kw
Max. input speed 720 1,288 1,288 1,230 1,650 rpm
Max. stroke rating 250 280 280 268 360 spm
Stroke 120 135 152.4 200 160 mm
Dia. of plunger 90 100 115 115 90 mm
Discharge per stroke 2.29 3.18 4.75 6.23 3 L/stroke
Max. discharge volume 30 50 80 100 100 m3/h
Max. working pressure 25 35 35 35 70 MPa
Ratio of reduce gear box 2.91 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6
Dia. of suction flange 4 4 4 4 5 in
Dia. of discharge flange 2 2 2 2 2 in


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