Motor Reversing Intelligent Pumping Unit

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  • Beam pumping unit is the most widely used mechanical equipment in oil field, but it has many inherent defects. Such as high energy consumption, low mechanical efficiency, not easy to achieve a long stroke.
  • Non-beam pumping unit is developed to solve the inherent defects of beam pumping unit. It is characterized by high degree of automation, intelligent parameter adjustment, low energy consumption and low noise.
  • The strictest quality standards on Motor Reversing Intelligent Pumping Unit

Motor Reversing Intelligent Pumping Unit is mechatronics, high efficiency and energy-saving product. It adopts no power reversing technology. Compared with conventional beam pumping unit, the mechanical efficiency is increased by 40% and the power consumption is reduced by more than 30%. Won the “Shandong Province excellent Energy-saving achievement Award”.

motor reversing tower pumping unit

This pumping unit is designed for low production well, low permeability well, heavy oil well, residential well and other oil wells of oil field. The pumping unit has the following characteristics:

  1. No reversing impact and obvious energy saving effect
  2. Long stroke, low stroke
  3. Intelligent parameter adjustment
  4. Simple structure, safety and low noise
  5. Easy operation and maintenance

Basic Structure

When the pumping unit is working, the motor realizes positive and negative rotation through the control system, and drives the drum to realize positive and negative rotation through the reducer and coupling.

By winding or releasing the tape through the drum, the sucker rod can move up and down reciprocating, and the crude oil can be recovered.

Basic Structure

Polished rod load max (kN)80120140
Balancing typeGravity balancingSymmetry balancingSymmetry balancing
SPM(min-1)Stepless adjustment under 4Stepless adjustment under 2Stepless adjustment under 2
Stroke (m)Stepless adjustment under 5Stepless adjustment under 6Stepless adjustment under 6
Center distance (mm)555555785
Torque (kN•m)19.882718
Power (kw)223030
Rev (r/min)740980730
Length ×width ×height (meter)3.7×3.03×9.14.7×3.1×10.94.7×3.1×10.9

Feature Products

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  • API 11E 20 years
  • Schlumberger Supplier
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  • Energy Saving
  • Increase Pump Efficiency
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  • Simple Structure
  • Good Balance Effect
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  • The Lowest Overhead Height
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