Mobile Workover Rig

Sanjack has abundant manufacturing experience in skid-mounted Workover rig. Sanjack developed a series of vehicle mounted workover rig, automatic workover rigs and matching equipment, which can work in the ambient temperature range from -45 ℃ to 55 ℃ to meet different client request and work condition.

  • The company has developed a full range of XJ250 to XJ850 truck mounted workover rig, which have strong driving power, passability, and off-road performance.
  • Sanjack has obtained national standards such as GB and SY series standards and international standards like ISO.
  • Sanjack can manufacture matching equipment like swabbing truck,carrier and trailer, well flushing truck,skid-mounted fracturing equipment to support wokrover operation.

With the passage of oilfield development time, oil, gas, and water wells are gradually aging, and underground accidents are showing an increasing trend.

As a result, a large number of production and injection wells have been shut down.

This affects and restricts the stable production and normal implementation of development plans in the oilfield.

Effectively repairing those complex accident wells to restore normal production is of great significance for the development of oil fields.

Workover operation refers to a type of operation in oil drilling and subsequent well maintenance, which is usually carried out by a workover rig to ensure the smooth use of the oil well. It can be divided into major repair operation and minor repair operation.

Minor repairs refer to the daily measures taken to maintain the normal production of oil wells, with a variety of types, including pump inspection, sand flushing, salvage, sealing replacement, card removal, rod replacement, wellhead replacement, and other operations.

Major repairs is to eliminate complex underground accidents and restore normal production of oil, gas, and water wells.

Its process flow is relatively complex compared to general underground operations, and it is difficult to achieve construction goals with ordinary operating equipment and technical means.

The content of major operations mainly includes complex fishing inside the casing and casing repair.

In a broad sense, drilling on the inner side of the casing, sealing the oil well string, plugging the oil well, and sealing the abandoned well are also included in the scope of major operations.

The workover rig of Sanjack can do major workover and minor workover both.It is a comprehensive unit mainly used for small and medium repairs and major repairs of oil wells.

The basic requirements for the workover rig in the workover process are:

(1) Lifting ability: In order to lift the drilling tool, it is necessary to have a certain lifting capacity and lifting speed. This function is undertaken by the lifting system of the workover rig.

(2) Rotating ability: In order to drive drilling tools, shaping tools, milling heads, drill bits, and other grinding tools, a certain amount of torque and speed are required for rotating and grinding. This function is undertaken by the rotating system of the workover rig.

(3) Circulating well cleaning ability: In order to ensure normal drilling, flushing the bottom of the well, and carrying drilling cuttings, a certain pressure and flow rate of circulating workover fluid are required. This function is undertaken by the circulation system of the workover rig.

The workover rig with the above three working abilities is called the three working units of the workover rig, which mainly consists of a winch, a well frame, an crown block, a traveling block hook, a rotatory table, a faucet, and a workover pump.
workover pump

Workover rigs are divided into two types based on their structure: track type and tire type. The tire type workover rig is the most commonly used form, usually equipped with a backless mast, with fast walking speed and high construction efficiency,such as XJ and ZJ workover rig series.Sanjack have rich experience in manufacturing workover rig.
Mobile Workover rig

1).Heavy duty workover rig service
Drilling service
Downhole stuck freeing service
Sealing and channeling service
Casing shaping service
Casing repair service
2).Continuous rod and conventional sucker rod interventions,including
Pulling and replacing casing service
Sidetrack service
Changing insert of pcp
Changing rotors of pcp,
3).Shallow- to high-depth well interventions, including:
Killing wells
Flushing productions wells
Changing wellhead valves
Pressure-testing wells.
Changing polished rods
Spacing and respacing rod strings

Mobile Workover rig

Model Unit XJ250 XJ350/ZJ10 XJ550/ZJ15 XJ650/ZJ20 XJ750/ZJ30 XJ850/ZJ40
Drilling depth
( 4-1/2” drill pipe)
mtr NA 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000
Workover depth
(3-1/2”drill pipe)
mtr 2500 3200 4500 5500 6400 7000
Drawworks power HP 250 350 550 650 750 1000
Max hook load ton 67.5 90 135 158 180 225
Hook 3×4 3×4 4×5 4×5 5×6 5×6
Drilling rope diameter inch 7/8” 1” 1” 1-1/8” 1-1/4” 1-1/4”
Derrick net height mtr 21 29 33 35 38 38
Base height mtr NA 1.8/2.7 3.6/4.5 4/5 5/6 5/6
Rotary table NA ZP175 ZP175 ZP205 ZP275 ZP275
Mud pump No.×Power NA 1×500HP 2×500HP 2×800HP 2×1000HP 2×1000HP
Chassis 6×6 8×6 10×8 12×8 14×8 14×8


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