Beam pumping units work outdoors for a long time, the natural environment has a great impact on the safe operation of pumping units.

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Among them, the low temperature has the most serious influence on the safe operation of the pumping units.

The fields, located in Astana, Kazakhstan, and the Canadian Arctic Circle, can experience temperatures as low as minus -40℃ for more than two months.

In this extreme natural environment, steel can become as fragile as glass.

Pumping units in these areas must be resistant to low temperatures.

A low-temperature resistant pumping unit is a special pumping unit, its raw materials, welding technology, welding materials, and heat treatment are different from ordinary pumping units.

Its raw material must be 16Mn steel with a yield strength of 345MPa, not Q235 used for ordinary pumping units.

In order to improve the strength of the pumping unit, its raw material specifications should also be improved.
pumping unit in permafrost
Rubber seals will fail at low temperatures. They are all made of a special rubber.

This seal can keep good sealing performance at low temperatures.

There is also a serious problem to be solved in cold areas, the collapse of thawed permafrost.

On such a surface, if the pumping unit’s concrete foundation is installed the conventional way when the permafrost thawed, the concrete foundation would sink, causing the pumping unit to overturn.

In order to solve this problem, a solution was designed.

Eight steel piles were driven into the ground through the permafrost, and the concrete foundation was installed on the steel piles, thus solving the problem of foundation subsidence.