Flush by unit

Flush by unit of Sanjack is specially developed for drilling and workover service solution, even heavy duty. With rapid deployment and safe operation, the Flush by unit can service high-depth oil, gas, and coalbed methane (coal-seam gas) wells in vertical wellhead configurations. Flush by unit is also called as rapid service rig or RSR.

  • Flush by unit of Sanjack greatly improves the efficiency of workover operation, reduces labor intensity and risk.
  • Sanjack has an all-weather response team and can dispatch professional personnel for on-site services.
  • Flush by unit of Sanjack comply with national standards such as GB and SY series standards and international standards like ISO standard.

Flush by unit of Sanjack is specially designed for conventional rod and continuous rod service. It combines the characteristics of pressure trucks and small rod drilling rigs.

It is used for diagnosing and troubleshooting oil wells with advantages of quick deployment and safe operation.

The Flush by Unit consists of a reservoir, a three cylinder pump, an independent mast assembly, safety equipment, and other accessories.

By cooperating with standard or heavy-duty syringes, this device can effectively trip and serve continuous rods without the use of additional equipment.

Flush by unit of Sanjack can provide services for shallow to high depth oil, gas, and coalbed methane wells with vertical wellhead configurations.

What’s more, Sanjack flush by unit occupies a smaller construction area than traditional workover rigs and can also perform all types of oil well diagnosis and maintenance work.

When a well is offline, the unit will quickly identify problems such as oil pipe holes, pump malfunctions or jamming, and drill pipe fractures, and then immediately perform the necessary maintenance workover.

Besides, Flush by unit can be assembled by three to four operators in less than 30 minutes, while assembling a standard workover rig takes about 4 hours, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing work intensity and risk.

Flush by unit

  1. It has a small volume, low footprint, strong mobility, and can be deployed to smaller well sites than standard repair rigs.
  2. High traction capacity, increasing the depth range that can be served.
  3. 30 minutes for quick assembly is enough which improves work efficiency.

4.Only 3 to 4 people are needed to operate, reducing work risks.

5.In emergency situations, the hydraulic rod safety clamp can apply up to 32200 kilograms (71000 pounds) of clamping force as additional braking force.

Flush by unit

Flush by unit, AKA Rapid service rig or RSR, of Sanjack can efficiently and quickly complete various oilfield workover operations as the following:

1).Heavy duty workover service

Drilling service

Downhole stuck freeing service

Sealing and channeling service

Casing shaping service

Casing repair service

2).Continuous rod and conventional sucker rod interventions,including

Pulling and replacing casing service

Sidetrack service

Changing insert of pcp

Changing rotors of pcp,

3).Shallow- to high-depth well interventions, including:

Killing wells

Flushing productions wells

Changing wellhead valves

Pressure-testing wells.

Changing polished rods

Spacing and respacing rod strings

Flush by unit

Max Operation depth  3000 meter drilling depth  (4-1/2” drill pipe)
 6500 meter workover depth (3-1/2” drill pipe)
Capacity  1800kN Max. hook load capacity
Carrier  14X8 oilfield heavy duty carrier
Engine  Caterpillar C15 540hp X 2 diesel engines
Transmission  Allison 4700 OFS or 4870 OFS
Drawwork  Single/Double drum drawworks with 280kN pulling load
Brake  Band brake or hydraulic disc brake(two options)
 WPT324 Aux. brake
Derrick net height  38m height double section mast
Platform height  6m floor height substructure
 Adjustable height workover platform
Other parts  6X5 traveling system
 32mm Wireline Dia.
 one ea 3ton & 5ton hydraulic tugger drawworks
 Electronic crown saver
 Weight indicator and deadline anchor


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