Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit

Sanjack Petro manufactures Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit in China. We have our own factory of Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit for you. Contact us now for Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit quotation.

  • Sanjack Petro has strong capacity of research, design and manufacturing pumpjack, the annual production reach 1000 sets; the company has welding and machining workshop 17,942 square meters, take up 64,952 square meters, complete inspection and test equipment, and has more than 130 types of advanced production facilities.
  • Electric Cylinder Direct Drive beam pump is a newly developed pumping unit by SanJack, which has obtained the national patent of China.

Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit is a new beam balanced pumping unit, which directly drives the pumping unit to run through an electric cylinder.

The electric cylinder structure replaces the beam, connecting rod, crank, and reduction box, reduces the transmission mechanism of the pumping unit, reduces the weight of the whole machine, and has high mechanical efficiency.

With the electronic control system, the stroke of the beam pumping unit is realized, Stepless adjustment of stroke times.

1.Working Principle

Electric cylinder direct drive pumping unit

The inner pipe is fixed on the base of the pumping unit, the nut of the ball screw is fixed on the top of the inner pipe, and the ball screw is connected to the motor through an elastic coupling and is fixed on the outer pipe.The motor drives the ball screw to rotate, and the ball screw converts the rotation motion to the up and down linear motion, and thus drives the beam to swing up and down through the outer pipe to realize the oil recovery of the pumping unit.

2.Safety Rod Structure

beam pump safety rod structure

During normal operation, the spring maintains pre-pressure, Support safety rod inner tube, safety rod outer tube Follow the walking beam movement; when stopping, safe Insert the rod pin into the inner tube to lock the inner and outer tubes To lock the pumping unit.

During operation, stop at the designated position, and the well head. Put a polished rod clip on the polished rod, electric cylinder. Stop working, spring action, travel beam tail

Move up, unload the donkey head load; realize the donkey head give way to normal oil well operations

3. Balance Adjustment Structure

balance adjustment structure

The balance adjustment of the pumping unit is achieved by adjusting the distance from the tail balance weight to the center.
When working, move the tail balance weight close to the electric cylinder, so that when there is no load, the electric cylinder can also drive the tail to move up and down in balance.

4.Remote Control Principle

Remote monitoring is to realize remote data collection and monitoring through the Internet of Things data transmission gateway.
The digital remote control system can be perfectly connected with the existing digital platform of the oil field, or can be used independently as a remote digital platform.

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Conventional Pumping Unit
  • International Standard 20 years
  • Schlumberger Supplier
RM Pumping Unit
  • Energy Saving
  • Increase Pump Efficiency
B Type pumping unit
  • Simple Structure
  • Good Balance Effect
Low Profile pumping unit
  • The Lowest Overhead Height
  • Simple Structure
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