The drawworks is an important equipment in the lifting system and also the core equipment of a workover rig. The company has rich experience in drawworks production and can be used in conjunction with different models of workover rigs, suitable for different oilfield operations.

  • The drawworks of Sanjack include singler drum type(single gear), double drum type and multi gear drawworks.
  • Sanjack has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, SY/T5202-2004 and SY/T6584-2003 certificate.
  • AutoCAD and Solid Works computer software are used for drawing design.


The drilling drawworks is the main lifting mechanical component of a rotary workover rig. Its main function is to provide a method for raising and lowering the traveling block.

The steel wire rope is wound around the drawworks drum and passes over the overhead crane to reach the traveling block, allowing the drill string to move up and down with the rotation of the drum.

The section of drill pipe line from the drawworks to the overhead crane is called a “fast line”.

Then, the drilling line enters the first pulley of the crown block, and for mechanical advantages, it is usually passed between the crown block and the traveling block pulley 6 to 12 times. Then, the rope leaves the last pulley on the overhead crane and is fixed to the support leg of the workover rig on the other side. This drill line is called the “dead line”.


Modern workover Drawworks consist of five main components: drum, power source, reducer, brake, and auxiliary brake in Hoisting system. This device can be powered by electricity (AC or DC) or directly connected to an internal combustion engine using a metal chain belt. The number of gears can be one, two, or a combination of three speeds. The main brake is usually manually operated by a long handle and can be a friction band brake, a disc brake, or an improved clutch. When no movement is required, it can serve as a parking brake. The auxiliary brake is connected to the brake drum and absorbs the energy released when heavy loads are reduced. This brake can use eddy current rotors or devices similar to water turbines to convert the kinetic energy of moving loads into heat and dissipate it.

The power cathead (winchs) located on each side provides a device for driving pliers for connecting and disconnecting threaded pipeline components. The outboard cat head can be manually used with ropes for various small lifting operations around the workover rig.The front side of the drawworks usually has a pulley drive device that provides rotational power for the turntable, although on many workover rigs, the turntable is independently powered.

The workover and drilling drawworks of Sanjack are divided into two types of structures: single and double drum. They mainly include the sand drum assembly, sand drum brake system, drawworks frame, cooling system, lubrication system, auxiliary brake, overhead crane anti-collision device, etc.



(1) During the drilling process, hang the drilling tools, feed in the drill string and drill bit, and control the drilling pressure.

(2) Provide different lifting speeds and weights for drilling operations.

(3) Use the cathead mechanism of the drawworks to tightly unload drilling tools and lift heavy objects.

(4) As the variable speed mechanism and intermediate transmission mechanism of the turntable.

(5) When using an integral lifting workover rig, it is used to lift and release the mast.

(6) Use the sand drum of the drawworks to perform core extraction, oil testing, and other work.

(7) Assist in installing drilling equipment and complete other auxiliary tasks.


Model JC08 JC12 JC14 JC16 JC18 JC21 JC28
Input power 150 180 200 250 150 450 600
Max. pull force of fast line (2″ layer) (KN) 80 120 140 160 180 210 280
Dia. X length of drum(mm) Φ345*590 Φ356*912 Φ356*912 Φ400*912 Φ450*912 Φ450*912 Φ580*1012
Suitable Dia. of wireline 19 22 22 26 26 29 32
Max rotating speed(rpm) 450 450 450 450 450 450 450



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