Double-horsehead Pumping Unit

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  • The basic structure of the Preposition type pumping unit is the same as conventional beam pumping unit. The Equalizer beam is hinged to the forearm of the walking beam and located between the Center Bearing and the horsehead. The size and angle of the four-bar linkage has changed, making the whole structure more compact.
  • Double-horsehead pumping unit has all the advantages of a beam balanced pumping unit.
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Double-horsehead beam pumping unit

Preposition type double-horsehead beam pumping unit is balanced with mounting horsehead on the back of walking beam, inside counterbalance and hanging balancing weight on the back-horsehead. It displays simpler structure, easier ways of rebalancing and maintenance, smaller additional dynamic load, longer stroke length, less energy consumption, greater efficiency and longer service life. It is suitable for extraction of low and medium viscosity oil and high water content oil.

pumping unit basic structure

1.Base2.Samson Post 3.Crank 4.Pitman Arm 5. Polished Rod Eye 6.Steadying Bar 7.Center Bearing Assembly 8.Tail Bearing Assembly 9.Walking Beam 10. Front Horse-head 11. Platform Assembly 12. Rear Horse-head 13.BalanceWeight 14. Belt Guard 15. (rank Guard 16 Brake Assembly 17.Motor 18. Gear Reducer 22. Concrete-Base fasteners

Compared with conventional pumping units, this balancing method has significant advantages:

1.The front-mounted structure of the pumping unit eliminates crank balance. The structure is simpler and the balance adjustment and maintenance are more convenient.

double horsehead pump jack.

2.The pumping unit has stable operation, small additional dynamic load, long stroke, low energy consumption and high comprehensive efficiency. It is suitable for the exploitation of middle and low viscosity crude oil and high water cut crude oil.
double horsehead pumping unit

  1. The front structure, suspended point load and the weight of the balance block by the beam bearing, reduce the reducer, crankpin, connecting rod, beam and other transmission parts load, can improve its service life and reliability.
  2. Good balance effect. The balance block can be divided into fixed counterweight and adjustable weight.

Parameter Table
Load rating(kN)100100120140
stroke(m)4, 3.3, 2.65, 4.2, 3.35, 4.2, 3.35, 4.2, 3.3
SPM(min-1)4, 5, 64, 5, 64, 5, 64, 5, 6
Balancing typeBeam balancing
Reducer typeCJH850×48CJH850×48CJH1000×53CJH1000×73
 Structure unbalanced (kN)34.530.227.340.6
Outline size(m)8.45×2.2×8.2710.33×2.4×9.710.32×2.39×9.7410.33×3.91×9.82

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