Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit

Diameter Adjustment Moment Control Pumping Unit is a beam balanced Pumping Unit with small volume and light structure, which can be widely used in crude oil recovery, water Pumping and CBM(Coalbed Methane) exploitation.

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Torque variation structural drawing

Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit is based on the conventional beam pumping unit.The main part is basically the same as the front pumping unit.The difference is that there is no crank counterweight and the counterweight is applied at the end of the beam with varying torque.This type of pumping unit will change the crank balance to the beam balance and realize energy saving by improving the dynamic balance effect.

diameter adjust moment regulate nodding donkey

This type of pumping unit adopts the structure of walking beam and moment changing beam. By changing the position of the counterweight device in different quadrants, the maximum balance moment and position of the counterweight device can be adjusted in a large range.
diameter adjust-moment regulate pumping unit structure
The beam with variable torque is composed of a closed box and a counterweight device. The beam with variable torque is at the end of the walking beam, which is simple in structure, safe and reliable.The counterweight is composed of fixed counterweight and adjustable counterweight.

Compared with conventional beam pumping units, it has the following advantages:

  1. Simple structure and high reliability

Because the transmission mode and basic structure are the same with the conventional pumping unit, this type of pumping unit has the characteristics of simple structure and high reliability

  1. Simple operation and low maintenance cost

The torque transmitted by the motor and reducer of this type pumping unit is smaller than that of the pumping unit of the same specification.

  1. The power saving

Because of the high dynamic equilibrium rate, the power saving effect is remarkable.

4.Convenient parameter adjustment

The pumping unit is balanced by adjusting diameter pin and weight block, which is easy to operate and safe to use.


Compared with the pumping unit of the same specification, this type of pumping unit USES two lower specifications of the motor and one lower specification of the gearbox.

diameter adjust moment regulate rocking machine

Rated Polish Rod Capacity (lbs)1008060504030
stroke   m32.41.832.
SPM  r/min9912121212
Balancing typeBeam Balanced
Rated Torque     KN·m3737261396.5
Reducing Ratio282831.7133.5831.8330.25
Power KW18.515117.55.54
SPM r/min730730970970960960
Size mm8665×2200×68748665×2200×68748644×2090×57367720×1824×52396760×1604×49566760×1604×4756
Total weight Kg166001420010280950050004600

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