Compound Balanced Pumping Unit

Compound balanced pumping unit is specially designed and developed by SANJACK Petro to solve the inherent disadvantages of conventional beam pump, such as high energy consumption and unsuitable for heavy oil recovery.

  • Sanjack compound balanced pumping unit has obtained the national patent of China.
  • Compound balanced pumping units have been widely used in Chinese oilfields and exported to Kazakhstan, Algeria and other countries with an annual output of 600 units.
  • The strictest quality standards on Compound Balanced Pumping Unit

The compound balanced pumping unit is designed and manufactured according to the standard of SY/T5044-2003 “Beam Pumping Unit”, which is based on the conventional beam pumping unit as the basic model, keeps the original structure unchanged and adds a beam Tail balance device.

compound balance beam pump manufacturers

At the meantime, The balanced mode of the pumping unit is changed from a simple crank balance to compound balance with both beam balance and crank balance due to this beam Tail balance device.

compound balance beam pump structure

The unit integrates all the advantages of conventional beam pumping unit and optimizes the balance system to achieve the effect of low peak torque and power saving.

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When the machine works, the moment arm of the beam Tail balance device changes with the change of the position of the suspension point, so that the change rule of the balance torque is consistent with that of the load torque, After the load is balanced twice by the beam Tail balance device and counterweight, the operation condition of the pumping unit is greatly improved, which can reduce the selection grade of reducer and motor and improve the lifting capacity of the pumping unit.

Compound balanced pumping unit is widely used in various oilfields in China, compared with the conventional beam pumping unit, the energy-saving effect is up to 30%.

compound balance oil well pumping unit

Parameter Table
Load rating(kN)80100100120120140160160
Stroke length(m)3;2.5;23;2.5;24.2;3.6;34.2;3.6;34.8;4.2;3.65.4,4.5,3.65.4,4.5,3.65.5,4.6,3.7
Stroke frequency   (min-16,5,46,5,46,5,46,5,46,5,43,4,53,,4, 53,4, 5
Crank directionClockwise
Balanced typeCompound balanced
Gear ReducerModelCJH-850CJH-1000CJH-1000CJH-1000CJH-1000CJH-1100CJH-1200CJH-1100
Gear ratio2831.7331.7331.7331.7339.5230.24639.52
Rated torque(kN.m)37535373738910589
 Speed (r/min)730730740740740740740740
Structure unbalance(kN)
Total Weight(t)18.619.52325.326.33234.533.9

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