Low temperature beam pump Project in Kazakhstan

Beam pumping units work outdoors for a long time, the natural environment has a great impact on the safe operation of pumping units.

Among them, the low temperature has the most serious influence on the safe operation of the pumping units.

The fields, located in Astana, Kazakhstan, and the Canadian Arctic Circle, can experience […]

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Oil Pump Jack Project in Peru

Our Oil Pump Jack Project in Peru.

Sanjack Peru was founded in 2018.

With excellent product quality and timely after-sales service,

Sanjack Peru has successfully explored the Peruvian market and established long-term cooperative relations with a large number of powerful Peruvian oil companies, such as SAPET, Peru CNPC, GMP, SAVIA, etc.

Sanjack’s pumping units are […]

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API pumping unit Project in the United States

Sanjack already has a close relationship with Schlumberger.

Since 2009 the number of pumping units exported to America has grown from 200 to 800 a year.

There are nearly 40 types of pumping units from C114 to C912, including conventional beam pumping unit, RM pumping unit, B pumping unit, low attitude pumping unit, and natural gas […]

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