Application status of oil pump jack in Shengli Oilfield

After more than 50 years of development in Shengli Oilfield, the oil pump jack, as an important equipment of rod pump wells, has mainly experienced three stages of development.

1. In the first stage (before 1980), conventional beam oil pump jack is characterized by simple structure, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.

2. In the second […]

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Advantages of non-beam pumping unit

Advantages and disadvantages of non-beam pumping unit

Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of non-beam pumping unit

In order to solve the inherent defects of beam pumping units, such as not easy to realize the operation mode of long stroke and low stroke, high energy consumption and inconvenient adjustment of stroke and stroke times, various pumping […]

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Common troubles of conventional pumping units

What are the common troubles of conventional pumping unit?

Conventional beam pumping units work in the harsh outdoor environment, after a long time of operation will appear all kinds of faults.

As users of pumping units, they should master simple fault diagnosis knowledge and troubleshooting methods, which can quickly restore pumping unit operation and shorten […]

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