API pumping unit Project in the United States

Sanjack already has a close relationship with Schlumberger.

Since 2009 the number of pumping units exported to America has grown from 200 to 800 a year.

There are nearly 40 types of pumping units from C114 to C912, including conventional beam pumping unit, RM pumping unit, B pumping unit, low attitude pumping unit, and natural gas […]

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Can Sanjack provide the after sales training on EOR?

Can Sanjack provide the after sales training?

Yes, Sanjack will surely send professional engineers to client’s site for installation and usage instruction,

which is our high responsibility to guarantee our client can use our boiler properly.

Besides, we also have 24 hours after sales hotline, any questions occur to our boiler, just dial the line […]

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Why choose Sanjack Boiler

Comparing to other steam boiler manufacturers, why choose Sanjack as our supplier?

Since 1986, Sanjack has successively obtained the manufacturing qualification of various pressure vessels and boilers,

including national A2 Class I, II, III Group pressure vessels, A Class boiler, and ASME U&S Certificate etc..

Besides the rich designing and producing experience on boiler,

Sanjack […]

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