How to realize automatic balance adjustment of beam pumping unit?

The beam pumping unit is widely used in crude oil recovery and is an important part of artificial lift. Influenced by the structure of the beam pumping unit, the following two problems are easy to appear in its operation process.

  1. The running parameters (such as stroke times and balance rate) of the pumping unit do not match with the real-time working conditions, which leads to the increase in energy consumption, failure rate, and the influence on the service life of the pumping unit.
  2. When adjusting the parameters of the pumping unit (such as the number of strokes and balance rate), the workers have high labor intensity and poor safety.

The beam pumping unit degree of balance is one of the important parameters for oil pumper running status, is also to evaluate One technical indicator of oil well rig operational management. The unbalanced harm of oil pump running mainly has:

1) shadow The operating efficiency of ringing motor reduces the life-span of the motor;

2) oil pumper can be made to vibrate, can cause time serious Turn over the serious accident of oil pumper, affect the life-span of oil pumper.

Currently, mainly there are a current method and power method, although both can solve some problems, but technology people Member needs to scene to measure horse head load, analyzes indicator card and judges oil pumper running situation, and flat Weighing apparatus block and tail balancing weight regulation workload are big, need to stop oil pumper, upper crane many people coordinating operation, people Power material resources consume big.

automatic balanced pumping unit

In order to solve this production problem, Sanjack Group designed and developed a beam-type automatic balance pumping unit. This type of pumping unit will change the balance adjustment process of the pumping unit from the original manual type to the mechanical automatic adjustment through the electromechanical control system, which can fully meet the requirements of the pumping unit balance rate, save a lot of labor costs, and improve operational safety. The system can realize fully automatic operation.

It is based on a compound balanced beam pumping unit, which mainly includes three parts: basic structure of beam pumping unit, automatic balance adjustment system, and intelligent control system. It is characterized by the automatic balancing device installed in the tail of the beam of the pumping unit. Under the control of the intelligent control system, the balance rate of the beam pumping unit can be adjusted automatically.

The balancing torque of this type of pumping unit is mainly generated from the crank balance block, which is the main balancing device. The balance beam at the tail of the beam is the auxiliary balance device. The automatic adjustment of the balance of the pumping unit is realized through the automatic adjustment of the position of the balance block on the balance beam.

automatic balanced beam pumping unit

With model 12 and above compound balanced pumping unit as the basic model, a mechanical automatic balance adjustment device is installed at the tail of the traveling beam. The real-time balance rate of the pumping unit is measured by the control system. According to the requirements of the set balance rate range, the control system automatically adjusts the system operation, so as to realize the automatic adjustment of the balance rate of the pumping unit.

tail balanced device

The automatic balance pumping unit calculates the real-time balance rate of the pumping unit through the control system to detect the electrical parameters and load values of the up and down stroke of the pumping unit motor and determines the direction of the drive motor according to the set balance rate range requirements. The motor drives the coupling and lead screw to rotate. Through the screw drive of the screw nut, the rotation of the motor is converted into a reciprocating motion of the balanced weight. Adjust the balancing torque by adjusting the length of the arm of the balance weight, and finally, make the pumping unit balance rate reach the set range.

Application effect:

  1. The energy-saving effect is remarkable. Taking the CYJY12-4.2-73HF test machine as an example, when the load is 90kN, if there is no tail balance beam, the theoretical balance rate is 86.2%. After installing the balance automatic adjustment system, the balance rate can reach 94.2%~98.4%. The actual measurement of the site, with a load of 60kN and 4.5 strokes, the power consumption of the pumping unit was reduced from 142 degrees to 128 degrees per day, and the power saving rate was 9.8%.
  2. The intelligent control system has precise and effective control. It can start and stop the pumping unit on-site and remotely at power frequency and frequency conversion. It has a motor protection function, and can automatically collect, analyze and process the operating data, calculate and display the power graph and power graph. Can realize the remote transmission of analysis data.
  3. The beam-type automatic balance pumping unit can reduce the labor intensity of the operator, avoid personnel working at height, and improve the safety of equipment operation.


After the erection of the unit is complete, the following checks must be carried out:

Check if the foundation is steady and solid.

Check and fasten all anchor bolts.

Check all the lubricating points to ensure all of them have been lubricated very well.

Check all the connection parts to ensure all of them have been connected well.

Check the driving belt, the tension should be proper.

Check brake, it should be flexible and reliable.

Check if the installation of electrical circus and appliances abide by technical and safety requirements.

Check the unit if there are external substances hindering the running of the unit.

Check ladder to ensure it is fixed firmly.

Pay special attention to that if the locking dog of the unit’s brake safety system has been lifted and the brake has been loosening.