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Sanjack has been continuously committed to the technical research of automatic workover equipment and mastered a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which can meet the requirements of the oilfield for replacing people with machines, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and effectively reducing safety risks.

  • ¬†Minor Operation Automatic Workover Rig;
  • Major Operation Automatic Workover Rig;
  • Multi-functional, modular and highly intelligent equipment;
  • Reduce the number of workers, reduce the risk and intensity of work.;

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High Automation Level

The equipment is highly intelligent and can run fully automatically..

Reduced Number of Operators.

Only one driller and two field inspector are required, the wellhead area is unmanned.

Highly optimized for general use

The equipment can be used with most oilfield operation machinery.

Reduces the risk of work

Through calculation and field statistics, the work risk can be reduced by 80%;

Minor Operation Automatic Workover Rig
  • No one in operation area
  • Only one person is required
Major Operation Automatic Workover Rig
  • Reduce labor intensity by 80%
  • Fully automatic operation
Iron drillers for workover
  • The torque can be accurately controlled
  • Avoid tube body damage
Automatic Tubing Conveyor
  • Automatic length measurement
  • Independent hydraulic and control system

Over the years, Sanjack company has been continuously committed to the technical research of automatic workover equipment and mastered a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which can meet the requirements of the oilfield for the upgrading of workover equipment, replacing people with machines, comprehensively reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment and effectively reduce safety risks.

Sanjack has developed five generations of automatic workover rigs and has been used in more than 100 wells in Shengli Oilfield. Due to its high degree of automation, complete functions, and strong applicability, it has obtained 18 utility model and invention patents.

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The automatic workover rig is a new type of wellhead operation automation equipment developed for the lifting and lowering of oil pipes (sucker rods) in small oil and water well repair operations.

The equipment refers to the basic actions of “lifting, turning, and throwing” in manual pipe and rod operations, and applies robot automation technology to realize automatic lifting and lowering of pipes (rods), automatic buckling (unloading), automatic pipe throwing, and self-loading and unloading of the whole machine.

The function of aligning, etc., has also been specially added to meet the HSE requirements of oilfields, such as automatic injection control.


The equipment is driven by an AC variable frequency motor, which has the advantages of low cost, easy management, and reduced environmental pollution compared with traditional diesel engine drive; using automated technical means, the operator in the control room can control all the actions of starting and lowering operations, which is truly realized The unmanned operation of the wellhead frees the operators from the traditional high-intensity, high-risk collaborative operation, and achieves the purpose of effectively reducing labor intensity, improving intrinsic safety and reducing construction costs.


The automatic workover rig has made major breakthroughs in key technologies such as unmanned automatic operation at the wellhead, automatic pipe and rod transfer, electro-hydraulic servo control, and man-machine synchronization control. Various performance indicators have been verified by a large number of field tests.

The new device has great advantages with its simple design, small volume and stable performance, do not occupy the wellhead artificial operation space, do not affect the artificial well control emergency, do not interfere with the wellhead evacuation and do not increase the moving vehicles and operation cost. Its operation speed is controllable and as nearly as manual operation. It is popular with the oilfield workers.

At present, although some oilfield workover operations have adopted some automatic equipment, the unmanned operation of the wellhead has been realized, which has greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers, improved the operating environment, and improved the safety factor. But the tubing cannot swing with the pipe pusher when working in windy weather, the pipe pusher cannot accurately align the tubing with the coupling, which affects the reliability and stability of the automated operation. At the same time, there are many equipment movement mechanisms, which are distributed around the wellhead, resulting in manual intervention in the operation space, especially in the wellhead emergency rescue process, which will affect the efficiency of emergency rescue.

For the above disadvantages, Sanjack Company provides an automatic wellhead operation device for oilfield workover operations, which mainly realizes the accurate alignment of tubing couplings, improves the reliability and stability of automated operations, and secondly, through innovative design and reasonable layout of the components of the workover platform, the platform operation space is increased, which is convenient for manual operation and wellhead rescue operations.

This automatic system is composed of tubing pusher, splash-proof fastener, coupling positioner and other parts, as shown in the figure:


  1. Fuselage, 2. Safety slips, 3. Tubing pusher, 4. Splash-proof coupler, 5. Hydraulic clamp, 6. Floating platform, 7. Coupling locator, 8. Pallet wheel mechanism, 9. Connection flange;


The automatic wellhead operation device for automatic workover operation adopts the principle of electro-permanent magnet suction pipe, and design a set of mechanism that can swing freely under its own gravity to achieve accurate alignment of the tubing.

This automatic wellhead operation device improves the reliability and stability of automated operations. At the same time, through the innovative design and reasonable layout of the components of the workover platform, the structure is compact and simple, which increases the platform operation space and facilitates manual operation and wellhead rescue operations. Accurate movement positioning achieves precise and reliable workover.

(1) This device is based on the power and lifting conditions of the existing workover rigs. Through the hydraulic control transformation of elevators and hydraulic clamps, the development of automatic positioning manipulators and manipulators, and the selection of pneumatic chucks, the workover workers can be far away from the wellhead. The completion of the lifting and lowering of the tubing operation, the construction speed is artificially controllable and can reach the level of manual operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and reduces the various injuries faced by the workers at the wellhead of the station, which is generally welcomed by the workers on the spot.

(2) This device realizes the dual functions of unmanned operation or manned operation at the wellhead without occupying the manual operation space at the wellhead. Normally, the wellhead is not operated by the wellhead. When disassembling and assembling the Christmas tree and the blowout preventer, raising and lowering the sucker rod, loading and unloading downhole tools, performing blowout rescue, and carrying out well control exercises, it does not affect the cooperation of the wellhead.

(3) This device transforms the work of lifting and lowering the tubing from labor-intensive to knowledge-intensive, but the high degree of automation of all processes is not pursued in the research and development, because that will increase a lot of auxiliary equipment and investment, and the workload of operation and maintenance is large, and it is not suitable. The need for frequent moving and low-cost operation for minor repairs.

(4) After the two-person operation of the oil pipe is realized, the original wellhead personnel is trained as the driver, and the vehicle is operated in turn, which can further improve the work efficiency.

(5) After unmanned operation at the wellhead, the manipulator of the workover rig moves more. Therefore, simplifying operations and improving work efficiency through automation and intelligence is the next development direction of this device.



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