Automatic Lubrication System of Pumping Unit

Beam pumping unit is widely used in crude oil recovery and is an important part of artificial lift. The safe, reliable and long-term operation of beam pumping unit is related to oil well production and investors’ income. In order to realize the stable operation of beam pumping unit, the timing and quantitative lubrication of each moving part is indispensable. At present, the common lubrication method of beam pumping unit is that workers hold the oil gun to climb to the lubrication point and inject grease manually. The main problems of this operation are as follows:

  • Shutdown operation is required, so crude oil production will be delayed.
  • Workers need to climb the upstream beam for climbing operation, there is a great potential safety hazard, and the labor intensity of workers is high. 3. The lubricating grease is not filled timely and insufficient, which leads to the damage of the pumping unit and affects the service life of the equipment.

In view of these problems, Sanjack Petro has developed a new type of beam pumping unit automatic lubrication system, which can automatically inject grease into the middle seat bearing, tail seat bearing and crank pin bearing of the pumping unit at fixed time and quantity, which perfectly solves this oilfield production problem.

automatic lubrication system structure

CS Series electric lubricating pump

CS Series electric lubricating pump is a grease pump driven by DC motor or AC motor.

This series of lubricating pump has two types, large and small.

The pump owns high output pressure and 1 ~ 3 oil outlets.

Each outlet is equipped with overpressure safety protection device and can form an independent lubrication system through its own distributor, or supply oil in parallel as required.

It is suitable for both progressive distributor system and control parts distributor system.

The grease can be delivered to each lubrication point regularly and quantitatively by program controller.

Therefore, it is widely used in the intermittent centralized lubrication system of engineering, transportation, machine tools, light industry, forging and other machinery.

SM-F controller

The SM-F controller has the function of power-off time memory to ensure the accuracy of oil supply of lubrication system.

At the same time, it has good protection performance, anti-seismic performance and good anti-interference performance, suitable for the worse working condition.

Technical parameter

System technical parameters

System technical parameters

System voltage308VAC
Range of grease1# 2#
Maximum working pressure25Mpa
Number of oil outlets1
Oil outlet specificationφ 8 (bite type fittings)

Parameters of CS Series electric lubricating pump

Tank volume4L
Maximum working pressure25Mpa
Flow (displacement)3ml/min
Number of oil outlets1
Service temperature-20℃~60℃
Programmable controllerSM-F
Outlet specification of CS pump1/4NPT


The working principle of the automatic lubrication device is that the DC motor drives the gear to decelerate, the plunger makes reciprocating motion through the eccentric wheel, the lubricant enters the lubrication system through the oil outlet through the one-way valve through the oil suction and discharge process, and the lubricant is injected from the oil outlet one by one through the progressive distributor according to the specified sequence and sent to each lubrication point. The process is fully automatic control and easy to operate. It can not only realize continuous oil injection, but also inject oil regularly and quantitatively according to the needs to fully lubricate the lubricating points.

automatic lubrication system of beam pump

The automatic lubrication system adopts progressive distributor. According to the needs of different grease quantity of middle seat assembly, tailstock assembly and left and right crank pin assembly, the flow rate is 2:2:1.
automatic lubrication system of pump jack
The total displacement is 3ml/min, the middle seat assembly is 1ml/min, the tailstock assembly is 1ml/min, the left and right crank pin assemblies are 0.5ml/min, and the lubrication is not uneven.

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