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Sanjack Petro is the best supplier of Oil Pump Jack, API Pumping Unit.

Sanjack Petro

Sanjack set up the pumping unit factory in 1987. The pumping unit manufacturing factory is one of the main branches of Sanjack Petro. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, design, production, remanufacturing, maintenance, sales and service of pump jack. The beam pump factory has 235 employees, more than 130 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment, fixed assets of 12 million yuan, annual output of 1,200 sucker rod pumping units, and annual sales income of 200 million yuan. It is a pillar enterprise of Sanjack Petro.
There are 4 senior engineers, 12 intermediate engineers, 7 assistant engineers, 4 senior technicians and 12 technicians in the nodding donkey. Intermediate and senior workers account for more than 90% of all workers. The superb technical level of employees provides a technical guarantee for the production of high-quality pumping units.

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Sanjack Petro starts in 1995


In 1987, Sanjack invested in the establishment of pumping unit manufacturing factory, which officially started the manufacturing history of pumping unit.In the same year, SANJACK pumping units began to be used in large quantities in Shengli Oilfield..


Since 1995, SANJack pumping units have been widely used in major oil fields in China, such as Huabei Oil Field, Jiangsu Oil Field, Xinjiang Oil Field, Jilin Oil Field, etc


In 2001, SanJack successfully obtained API 11E certificate and began to export SanJack pumping units to many oil-producing countries in the world.


In 2003, SanJack pumping units were exported to Azerbaijan for the first time. After that, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and other CIS countries began to use SanJack pumping units on a large scale..


In 2006, sanJack pumping units were exported to Syria for the first time. Since then, SanJack pumping units have been widely used in the Middle East and Africa. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria and other oil producing countries can see SanJack pumping units.


In 2007, sanjack successfully obtained API Q1 quality management system qualification, the system covers the whole process of pumping unit production.


In 2008, Sanjack successfully obtained CE management system qualification..


In 2009, SanJack pumps successfully entered the U.S. market, and since then nearly 1,000 SanJack pumps have been exported to the U.S. every year. As of now, there are more than 6,000 SanJack pumping units operating in the United States..


In 2015, SANJACK established an overseas subsidiary in Midland, Houston, USA, and became a pumping unit supplier to Schlumberger the same year.


In 2018,Sanjack developed API PUMPING UNIT, and established production lines. Based on the advanced nickel-based technology, SanjackAPI PUMPING UNIT take the lead in China.

Sanjack Petro still enlarge our production capability and export API Pump Units to more countries

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