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Sanjack set up the pumping unit (oil Pump Jack) factory in 1987. The pumping unit manufacturing factory is one of the main branches of Sanjack Petro. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, design, production, remanufacturing, maintenance, sales and service of oil pump jack. The beam pump factory has 235 employees, more than 130 sets of various large and medium-sized mechanical processing equipment, fixed assets of 12 million yuan, annual output of 1,200 sucker rod pumping units, and annual sales income of 200 million yuan. It is a pillar enterprise of Sanjack Petro.
There are 4 senior engineers, 12 intermediate engineers, 7 assistant engineers, 4 senior technicians and 12 technicians in the nodding donkey. Intermediate and senior workers account for more than 90% of all workers. The superb technical level of employees provides a technical guarantee for the production of high-quality oil pumpjack pumping units.
There are 4 senior engineers, 12 intermediate engineers, 7 assistant engineers, 4 senior technicians and 12 technicians in the nodding donkey. Intermediate and senior workers account for more than 90% of all workers. The superb technical level of employees provides a technical guarantee for the production of high-quality oil pump jack pumping units. If you are looking for oil well pump jack manufacturers in China, you are in the right place. Sanjack is one of the most reliable oil well pump jack manufacturers in Shengli Oilfield in Dongying, Shandong, China. Sanjack petro also supplies small oilfield pump jack for sale. Sanjack petro oil pump jack for sale. You can get oil pump jack diagram from our product detail pages, or contact us for a quick quote.

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Sanjack Petro Pumping Unit

Sanjack Petro design & manufacture Oil Pump Jack, Pumping Unit, RM pumping unit, Compound balance pumping unit,Beam balanced pumping uni(B type), Low Profile pumping unit, Double-horsehead Pumping Unit, Diameter adjust moment regulate pumping unit, External Rotor Electric Motor Pumping Unit..

Why Sanjack Petro Exported

30+ Countries

  • Sanjack has 30+ years of pumping unit manufacturing experience..
  • Sanjack has 20 years of pumping unit manufacturing experience.
  • Sanjack has subsidiaries in 5 countries and offices in 20 countries.
  • Sanjack are able to provide installation and after-sales service worldwide.
  • Sanjack’s pumping units come with a 5-year warranty.

How We Control Quality

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Sanjack Petro owns world-class laboratories

Metallographic test equipment
  • Hardness test.
  • Impact test.
  • Metallographic test.
  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer.
  • Wet chemical analysis
  • CMM
  • Length measuring equipment(2m).
  • Roughness measuring .
  • Piston Gauge
  • Thermocouple Calibrator

Typical Applications Of Pumping Unit

United States pumping unit
  • pumping unit
  • Project in the United States
coal bed methane pump jack
  • Oil pump jack
  • Project in the Peru.
low temperature beam pump project in kazakhstan
  • Conventional beam pump
  • Project in Kazakhstan
nodding donkey project is in coal bed methane
  • Nodding-donkey
  • Project is in coal bed methane

Sanjack Petro Pumping Unit Projects

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Commonly Asked Questions on Pumping Unit

What items should be inspected when pumping units leave the factory?
pumping units must go through strict factory inspection procedures, and all inspection items must be qualified before they can be delivered to customers. SANJACK designs and manufactures series pumping units in strict accordance with the provisions of the standard. According to the Chinese national standard “SY/T5044”, the form experiment, factory inspection, appearance and performance inspection of the pumping unit are carried out. The specific factory inspection items are as follows:
1). Running behavior. Under full load, the pumping unit runs smoothly without impact, vibration or abnormal noise.
2). Horsehead stability. The horsehead does not tremble when the pumping unit is running at full load.
3).Seal ability of finished product. After two hours full load operation of the pumping unit, all the seals have no leakage.
4). Reducer Bearing temperature rising stably. After two hours full load operation of the pumping unit, the bearing temperature rise could not surpass 40 ℃ and the final temperature could not surpass 70℃.
5) Reducer oilsump temperature rising stably. After two hours full load operation of the pumping unit, the oilsump temperature rise could not surpass 40 ℃ and the final temperature could not surpass 70℃.
6). Noise level(dBA). After full load operation, use sound level meter to test, the measuring points distribute two ends of output shaft, calculate average value.
7). Donkey head hanging point projection
After running at full load for 2 hours, the theodolite should measure at least three points in the middle except for the upper and lower starting points.
8). Scissors difference between two cranks. After full load inspection, use mandrel to test, scissors could not surpass the following range.
9). Reliability of brake mechanism. Using the tensioner to guarantee the brake mechanism is steady and reliable, and when crank was in horizontal position, the brake force could not more than 150N. when release brake device, the brake sub and brake belt could not have any contact.
10). Contact area of two cranks and driven shaft. By coating red lead inspection, the upper and bottom contact area of wedge bond could not less than 80%, and every square centimeter should have contact points..
Is the pumping unit equipped with an electric motor and control cabinet?
Generally speaking, the pumping units will not be equipped with electric motors and control cabinets unless separately requested by customers. This is because the electrical specifications of different countries in the world are different, and electrical equipment such as electric motors are not universal. If the customer clearly requires us to equip the electric motor and control cabinet, please be sure to provide the information of the country and region where the product is used, so that we can correctly choose the type and specification of the electric motor and control cabinet. The motors we are equipped with are common three-phase asynchronous motor of Nema D series with American standard, which are non-variable frequency and non-explosion-proof.
What is the ECB value of pumping units? If I don’t know the ECB value, can you provide the design scheme?
The ECB value means the counterbalance effect of the polished rod, which indicates the lifting capacity of the crank and the counterweight of the pumping unit, which is an important parameter of the beam pumping unit. To a large extent, it determines the overall weight and the price of the pumping unit. The customer shall determine the ECB value of the pumping unit in advance when purchasing the pumping unit. If the customer cannot provide the exact ECB value, then our engineer will choose the most commonly used ECB value for this type of pumping unit as the quotation proposal for the customer. Of course, this value can be changed, along with the weight of the pumping unit and the overall price.
What is the difference between the RM pumping unit and the conventional beam pumping unit?
RM (Reverse Mark) pumping unit is based on the conventional beam pumping unit, which optimizes the four-rod structure and designs the out-of-phase angles on the crank. The operation of conventional beam pumping unit is limited by its own structure, which has low stability, low efficiency and high energy consumption. RM pumping units with crank out-of-phase angles take different time to run up and down strokes. The longer upstroke time and the lower average speed of the horsehead can increase the downpump’s filling coefficient and extract more oil for the same unit of energy consumption, which is more efficient and uses less energy.
The RM pumping unit has changed the connection mode between the beam and the beam, and the tail of the beam is at an Angle of 20°. According to calculation, this structure can make the four-bar mechanism of the pumping unit operate more stably, reduce the impact force of load on the connecting bolts, and ensure the service life under the maximum impact load.
What pumping unit services can you provide?
Sanjack has established a global sales and service network with overseas subsidiaries and warehouses in the United States, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Albania, and Kazakhstan. There are after-sales service personnel and business personnel to provide customers with perfect after-sales service.
1). Pre-sale consultation. Our professional and technical personnel can provide pumping unit design schemes based on customer’s requirements and oil well information.
2). After-sales service. We can provide pumping unit site installation, installation guidance, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of various after-sales services (charges). If you are looking for an oil well pump jack manufacturer in China, we are you best choice. Sanjack Petro oil pump jack for sale in different countries, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Mexico,and many other countries.
How to determine the orientation of the pumping unit when it is installed at the well site?
Consider the local main wind direction to avoid the leaking gas and oil liquid blowing to the pumping unit and motor. The well field conditions must also be considered in order to secure enough space for oil service easily. Before installation, consider stroke length, carrier bar lower dead point height and wellhead height enough to make appropriate height concrete foundation.
We suggest that concrete foundation height should be in the range from 400mm to 600mm(15.75—23.622in).
What specific information do I need to provide if I order pumping units?
Buying pumping units is a complex job that requires you to provide accurate information so that we can provide you with high performance products that meet your requirements.
1).Exact type of pumping unit. We can design the pumping unit only when the model is determined.
2).ECB value of beam pumping unit. ECB is an important parameter of pumping unit, which determines the load lifting capacity and weight of pumping unit. If you cannot provide the exact ECB value, then our engineers will choose the ECB value most commonly used for this type of pumping unit.
3). Ambient temperature information of the place where the pumping unit is used. Whether there are extreme temperatures below -40℃, if so, please provide information on the average length of each year.
4). Whether the motor and control cabinet are needed? If the pumping unit needs to be equipped with motors and control cabinets, please provide their parameters requirements, such as the AC power frequency of the place where it is used, the rated voltage, the explosion-proof level of the motor, whether it is an American standard motor, etc.
How to determine the balance ratio of beam pumping unit?
Efficient operation, torque loading, and maximum life of a pumping unit are all dependent on the proper counterbalance. Counterbalance requirements can be determined very accurately or estimated by various methods.
1) Polished rod dynamometer:
A dynamometer card analysis is the most accurate method for determining loading and counterbalance. This involves using a dynamometer to record the well load through a stroke cycle and then using torque factors to determine the reducer torque and counterbalance required for balanced conditions.
2) Ammeter:
A clip on ammeter may be used to compare the upstroke and down stroke current on electrically powered units. When the counterbalance is adjusted so that the current peaks are equal, the unit will be roughly in balance.
3) Vacuum Gauge:
A vacuum gauge may be used to compare torque peaks on engine driven units much like the ammeter is used on electrically driven units. Vacuum pressure decreases as engine output increases.
4) Sound of the Prime Mover:
An approximate estimation of balance can be made by listening to the characteristic sound of the prime mover as it drives the unit. Some speed change will occur as the peak loads are approached-, speed changes will cause the sound of the prime mover to vary.
5) Belt Tension:
Belt tension and subsequent belt stretch increases with load. This causes an proportional amount of slack in the belts on the side opposite the direction of rotation of the prime mover. A visual inspection of the belt sag on upstroke or down stroke can be used to estimate counterbalance.
After beginning to work, the pumping unit must be confirmed non-overload and in balance. Examination of the pumping unit balance, power balanced method, torque moment balanced method or current balanced method can be all used.
For example, the current balanced method is that after the pumping unit balance have been adjusted, the maximum different current value between the upstroke motor and the down-stroke motor of the pumping unit should be confirmed to be no more than 15% of the maximum current.
What kinds of oil pump jack or oil pumping unit do you have?
1. Sanjack petro manufactures and exports new oil pump jack, oil field pumping unit, small oil pump jack, used oil pumping jack, oil from ground to pump pumping units, Lufkin oil pump jacks. 2. We have different oil well pump types which you call oil pump jack or oil well pumping unit or pumpjack 3. How do we get oil out of the ground ? We use oil pump jacks, and crude oil pumps to pump the crude oil from ground. 4. What is the oil pump jack cost? Contact us for tender documents and images, price. You can buy directly from oil pump jack system manufacturers and suppliers. 5. Our oil pump jacks are exported to different countries: Malaysia, USA, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, all the parts and technologies are made in China, and made in Sanjack. 6. Sanjack can produces lufkin pumping unit, and all components of pumping unit, lufkin 160 pumping unit, you can get all lufkin pumping unit diagram, and all american pumping unit specifications and cost. 7. China Pump Jack Manufacturers, China Pump Jack Suppliers, Select 2021 high quality Oil Pump Jack products in best price from Sanjack Petro. 8. Import China oil field Pump Jack from various high quality Chinese oil Pump Jack suppliers & manufacturers. 9. Oil pump jack price ranges from $21,500.00 to $54,559.00

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